Hazel - Lightspeed

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Hazel Veteran
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Hazel, Hazel, Hazel, ok how the f**k do you pull out tune after tune - nice very nice trance effects I love it
As always!
Steady trance - pro stuff as always!!!
Sounds a lot like Suicide Express. But still pretty damn good!
Agemixers stuff rocks, and Hazel does another excellent remix, thank you!
Lovely sound, just lovely.
Although I'm not much into trance music myself, this remix deserves nothing less than top score! Great work!
Another example of why Hazel rocks and this is his year... If he doesn't win RotY there is no justice...
I find it ok. Not enough variation for my taste, maybe bit too hard-trance
WOW. Hrm.. Technical difficulties but the flight goes on :-P Nice spheres. There are only 3 types of flight: 2nd class, 1st class and Hazel class!
Love the scratch!!! Really ethereal powerhouse.... Love it! (is there any rating that exceeds outstanding??)
Hazel quality!
Excellent version of the under-rated Agemixer original. And it has plenty of build up and power throughout. And if it's good enough for Agemixer, it's good enough for me :)
Well, what can I say? I can only copy Mayhems shout. Lovely :)
Having this on loop, really addictive. Top stuff hazel!
Don't know the original, but this is top stuff again from the hazel guru... Very nice
Starts off really boring in my ears, but after a couple of minutes or so it starts sounding quite alright. Too bad the intro draws down so much.
Top notch. That's all I can say. Top notch.
Just loved it... Great tune!!
Hazel like production.... The intro a bit too long and the ending too sudden.
Very good, nice remixing, but not impressing
Incredibly good. Gets better the longer you hear it. Thanks for this catchy tune.

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