Hazel - Summer (Barbeque at Dafunks Beachhouse)

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Hazel Veteran
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This track was actually done in 2007. But I never got to release it.
Two years later (last night) I took a look at it and did some remastering and decided to release it anyway.
I remember that it was supposed to be a spacesynth track when I started on it. But as you can hear things didn't quite turn out that way.
But I really hope that someone will make a spacesynth remix of this SID.

Wow! Hazel and DaFunk rule!!! Your music transfers me into another dimension!!!!
It's Hazel... No more words are needed! :D
*** DROOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!! *** Forever Alien (my fav Dafunk remix) meets Mip Mip Police (my 2nd fav Hazel remix) meets Fatal Attraction (my fav Hazel remix)!!! Can Hazel and Dafunk make babies, please????
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice one!
Very good remix.
All I know is that I love it! :D
Outstanding tune/remix DaFunk and Hazel!! My congrats!
Pretty cool stuff!
Good stuff indeed!
Awesome, I played this like 10 times in a row! More!
Overrated, because it's quite flat... And not special. Hazel did already much better...
Vocals would have got you a RED+RED - its nice and bouncy and I like it - but just missing those vocals - as ever great work
Very good, good choice of style. Doesn't have anything in it that gives me goosebumps, though.
I join the choir of appraisers and call this a fantastic production (once again). It is a very clean production and the composition is not innovative in anyway but it simply works. A red face for more surprises..
Amazing stuff. Apropos Lyrics: The tracks strongly remind me to one of my fav. 80s tracks: 'Scotch - Evolution (1984) - 07 - Loving Is Easy', go check it out! Mashup anyone? (Just noted the sample, yesss)
BIG RED! 'nuff said!;-)
Perfect piece of outstanding work, definetly the best of all time
If this still means we get Hazel remixes in 2009, bring it on! Looking forward to this one spinning on Slay...
With good vocals and good lyrics added, this one would have more hit potential than 99% of present chartbusters. Great work.
Hazel and DaFunk... What else than FUCKING GREAT can come out??? :D
Very Nice
Reminds me of 80s stuff by Fancy or Koto. Technically very good but absolutely not my cup of tea!
Yep. Awesome
This remix rocks!

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