Infamous - Last Ninja 2

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3rd version of the same tune, this one i tidied up a fair bit from the wip i placed on remix64 and im pretty happy with the result's.

likely to be the last time i ever touch a last ninja tune in this fasion though... if at all.
Ooh, nice stuff! Evil breakbeats kick ass.
Chris' production is really coming along but I just didnt like this tune as much as I tried
It's a nice effort and there's certainly a lot to be said about doing an evil breakbeats version - even though it's actually more Beat Dis ultimately. Certainly this is up there with Infamous' best though and there's improvements here!
Not really my cup of tea - but it sounds like there's a lot of effort gone into the mix so thumbs up Chris.
Awesome beats, but the rest doesn't really speak to me for some reason.
This is let down by some very thin instruments and bizarre FX. The breakbeats are awesome as per normal from Infy!
I just love it... Very well done, especially the great "machine" sounds... Outstanding!!!
I do not like thiz subtune, it kinda suxx... But thiz time inf did great.
Not my cup of tea. Does not give the good old "ninja feeling"
Kickass energetic beat, but the rest of it doesn't really do much for me.
Banal and not original
Takes too long in the beginning for my taste. Nice idea in general but could have been worked out a bit better in the end.
Very good one! Still, that wau-wau synth ruins a track for red one!
Nothing special, poor instruments
Captures the spirit of the original SID and the cold loneliness of the New York street levels of LN2. But I still don't like it that much.
Very nice low frequences.
The instruments remind me of those early 90s techno tunes (which is the only flaw in an otherwise professionally made remix)
For me it doesn't catch the LN feeling, but I won't blame you! It's awesome!
Where did the original tune go? Who cares!

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