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Jogeir Liljedahl - Synth Sample - The Stationary Ark

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Welcome back Jogeir. One of my all-time favorite SIDs has been remixed to perfection.
Deliciously good and sounds smooth and clear throughout.
Sweetness. The kind of remix I'd label "definitive".
I'm not familiar with the original sid, but this is a nice soothing track to listen to.
Jogeir, I REALLY want a child from you!
Take one fairly unknown SID. Go in a different direction to how Mixer made his (superb) remix of it. Produce something sublime that matches it in quality. Welcome back Jogeir :)
Jogeir - need I say more?
Very mellow remix of the original sid
Feels like slowly zooming in and out at a small section of something huge. Good stuff.
Amazing remix of a great sid!
This is in my opinion the best remix of 2009.
Impact on RKO!!! Nice ONE
Totally badlsk! Awesome.
Mellow, moody, ambient - just like the SID version. I don't think the original tune can sound this good. Bravo!
Admittedly, this is really good! ... I only miss Enya's voice in there ;O)... If any critique, it would be that it get's a bit monotonous in the long run, which is the reason for "only" an orange smiley from me :O)
Ive changed my review of this song twice. Ive given it mediocre "criticisms", but hearing it 5 times.. UNBELIEVEABLE! But why? 1 note off pitch in so many places and it would flop. Its so simple, how is it so beautiful?
Reminded me to Kitaro's masterpieces... And "My immortal". Beautifull arrangeemnt.
Great stuff!
Great sound and nice atmosphere, and otherwise cool stuff.
Very good remix!
! Loves
I love it!!!
Oh my God... Thats so beatifull...
Beautiful! A bit more dynamic piano, and this is perfect.
Something went REALLY wrong here because I've not heard this before and I'm like WTF! This is GORGEOUS!
This is my ALL TIME favorite remix! Very emotional. I just love it!
Smooth and beautiful
Beautiful! Added to my collection.
Poignant in its simplicity, this piece that could have easily become boring to listen carries you all the way through on a journey that never gets tedious.
Simply beautiful!
Smooth as always, Jogeir....
Pulls you in a trance and keeps you floating.
Flawless. Little point in anyone else trying to do better than this!
Briliant remix
A wild and unfettered masterpiece!

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