Kjetiln - Spy vs Spy

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Kjetiln Veteran
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This is the first remix I have ever uploaded!
Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions! I really appreciate it
I guess 61% is not bad for a first timer
This one is a odd one... Trance leads with mellow background.. It kind of works too.
Just ok, a bit too repetitive, especially at its length but with a bit of work could be a lot better
Way too long and thus repetitive. Cut it down a bit and add more variety in what's left and the idea of this mix would work really well.
A real voice, some leads changed and not so long - then it would get a top rating from me. I like it!
Like it :) maybe I would have choosen some instruments differently and it have been the orange one :)
Beautiful! The drums could be higher in the mix. And it sounds like the singer is shaken but not stirred :).
Nice song. It blends quite good. The vocal when alone sounds a bit too cheap and the song is a bit repetetive.
Stranger than 'Strange is my name', and that was Strange.
A bit to long but cool
Funny virtual singer. Sounds a bit outdated though!
Nice version. But a real woman's voice would've done better.
Lovely. Nice pseudo-vocals combined with the rythms...
It's ok
I like this one! It plays very often in my iTunes :p Nothing to crit here... But also not enough to be "red".
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The fake vocals in the beginning sound awesome - keep'em! There are some great ideas in there, but it appears you fell in love with them and couldn't bring yourself to change them - therefore, this remix sounds repetitive. Either make it shorter or make it more varied to make it more appealing. Other than that, a very decent effort!