Martin Dodd - Leviathan (Classic Trance Mix In 2006)

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Leviathan (Classic Trance Mix In 2006)
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Martin Dodd Veteran
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Good, but a bit "by the numbers"? It's one of the problems with tracks that until someone demonstrates how much better mixed they can be, the remixer will never know. This could be mixed and mastered with a lot more punch, but not by Martin.
Considerable improvement compared to the first release, extra points for that. Yet there is still room for improvements.
An improvement on the first effort, but still a bit trance by numbers for my liking. The first minute or so just doesn't do enough for me still, and it needs a bit more punch.
Vanilla Trance. Good effort, clean sound, lacks a bit of punch but over all a rather good job.
Fair enough, but not that exhilaratingly exciting...:)
Ah balls to it.. You deserve it ^^
Quite nice.
Good remix, synths are not good for me.
The feeling is alright, the sound is sweet enough but a bit to weak to really get to me
Starts out great, but then it doesn't really go anywhere. Thus, it remains a run-of-the-mill trance, just one of the many. Tood bad.
Started out very good with brutal changes. But then it just got a bit daft.
Although I don't like Trance, this one's got flow somehow.

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