Sid Factory 1

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Arranged by:
Composed by:
Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
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Ooh.. Nice. Ticks the right boxes and just has a lovely feel to it, retaining the original Laxity feel but giving it that Moog treatment like we know and love.
I've always had a softspot for this kind of funky easy-listening-like type of thingamasong! And moog does it so well!
Moog does it again and although I would love to give it a big red smiley I feel he has done better...
Funky and thick sounding, nice stuff.
Laid back easy listening with a funky bass line. Excellent stuff
Crisp clean electro funk magic!
Umm, not bad, but I find the beat too repetitive after a while. Some nice improv break in the middle would've broken the monotony.
Man this really reminds me of the soundtrack from Transport Tycoon Deluxe.. As Makke said.. Love this funky easy going music.. Top notch
Sounds like intros to games. I like it.
As stated, definitely makes me think of a game status screen, but in a good way.
Very nice... A bit boring at times...:-)
A style you do so well mate - awesome
Let the FUNK begin... Another laid back and still FUNKY moog-remis here! Great style (as always) with lotsa harmony and feeling! Yeah.... Do it again, maestro moog!!:-)
Moog, I love your style. I immediately got goosebumps starting this song.
Very nice!
Perfect in every aspect! As always! Added to my collection.
Nice N' squelchy, excellent production and for some reason reminds me of Outrun the arcade video game :)

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