Mordi - Gem'X (happy bleepy-bloopy)

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Mordi Veteran
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Feels like it is missing something in the low-frequency to me and my headphones, but every attempt to fix that seemed to just make it worse!

VSTs used: Audjoo Helix and iZotope Ozone 3.Made in FL Studio 8.Production time: 10 days.
This tune has cowbell!
Fawless production. Taking some nice liberties with the original. Excellent part at 3:07.
Hey Mordi! I love your tune.;)
It's gemX madness week.. Another really good remix.
Smooth stuff with an 80's touch. I guess this is just Lman's taste 100% :-)
(alias microbi76) - Good, than the rest of your creations....
Nice 'n' easy remix. Great work, as always!
Quite like this version too - the drums have plenty of punch and gives the whole tune some backbone.
Hmm, I would've picked different instruments here and there, but the arrangement and the production is top-notch.
Totally rocks! Nice instruments and a good touch of this song!
Lovely touches throughout, and + points for COWBELL.;)
Hehe, cowbell :) Nice one.
Nice 80's feel to it and I like the pads used they are bloody "lovely", the freestyling sections are fantastic too.. Proof if we needed any that mordi is one talented man.
Brilliant. Retro-fresh. This hits me right in the nostalgia bone.
Very nice! Especially the chords that are different from the original. Good choice of sounds, too. Well done! Added to my collection.
Again great!!!!
Does exactly what it says in the title. I don't know if it can get better than this and still be
A new big one!
Odysseus tore at the bindings against the Sirens when 2:00 hit. Smart attention to using what made the original great and making it monumentally greater. Tight focus on melody and chord progression while still delivering an addictively-pleasing soundscape
Very good!

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