Mordi - Shades (in the rain)

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Mordi Veteran
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I ran 'Shades' through the mordifier plugin, but I accidentally dropped some 'Hysteria' and 'Green Beret' on it. Whoops!

Made in FL Studio 9.

VST's used:

26 x Audjoo Helix

1 x Fruity Ogun

1 x ReFx NeXus

Project started on:

01/11 - 09

Total time spent:

24 hours

Thanks to Slaygon for lending his breath and voice.

The choir was done using one sample of slaygon singing aaaaah.

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Absolutely love it! Great tune and style and it's wonderfully long to boot!
Mordi is taking many liberties with the original Shades (almost too many for my taste), but in the end what he made of it is nothing short of fantastic.
The FL studio master returns great stuff!!!
To say at least - impressive. Well done ROTY 2009.
Outstanding stuff, I wish all remixers were as good as yourself.
It's xmas time and everything's all sugary, but this is too cheesy and fantasy-romantic for my taste. I liked the way effects are used to support the arrangement in the first half, but the lead was very flakey. Lay off the sugar guys.
B E A U T I F U L - All that at the price of one!:)
Simply wonderful!!!
Fantastic! It's like "watching" one of the best priced movies! I am sure, you kept a movie in mind during mixing...
I love the huge dimension of it and all the 9 minutes are highly enjoyable, every seconds, all the organic bends between themes. That awesome Mordifier plugin rules :) So far, my #1 vote for R-O-T-Y 2009 is yours, man!
Superb but a bit too long. You could have shaved off couple of minutes from the end.
Nice mix Mordi, love the sounds........
So much added to this tune rather than just a straight remix, great work Master Mordi.
I think I need that plugin you're using. Where can I pick up a copy? Wonderfully executed song. Leaves nothing to desire. Package comes with everything!
Really really nice and warm sound and really well thought out adding to the original sid his own mark, reminds me alot of moog the way it sounds but it has that clear mordi goodness running all the way through it.
Good stuff, too far from the original though to meet my taste
Again a good one
Very good
Great piece of work :)
The ultimate remix of 2009!
More melodic variation (half-tone hopping is a sure sign for lack of ideas)
Just beautiful
Very cool indeed!
I don't like medleys. But aside from that, very nice!
Ok.. So I registered only to vote for THE guy that creates this wonderful tunes.. I love them
Very good song, thanks a lot Mordi
Nothing special.
Very Nice!
I have listened this track the most probably from remix64... As it was written before: an epic!
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Where can I buy this mordifier plugin? It sounds awesome. ;)

What an epic! Although the main theme is based on Shades, I also hear a lot of Green Beret and Hysteria in there, all masterfully and convincingly slipped into the remix.

This is such an ethereal and hauntingly beautiful piece of music... It's very enjoyable. The arrangement, the sound quality, the mastering - nothing to complain about here.