nightwolf - Cobra

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nightwolf Veteran
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A bit brash and as mentioned would have been better a few years ago
Maybe a year or two behind the times, but alas this is still very enjoyable and a slightly different take on cobra. Finishes a little too soon aswell
Should have concentrated and elaborated the dancey part. Thomas Detert already did the ultimate synth version of this.
This could have been better, but the synthy bit gives way to the more dance-led part nicely enough. Shame the whole tune wasn't covered as what's there is crisp and clear. Also needs a bit of EQ tweaking as it's on the bright side.
Pretty average dance effort
Tale of two halves: the first half is slow, drumless and sounds too sharp. The second half has a pretty good club beat going, but it ends abruptly.
Hmm... I guess essence of the SID got lost....
Cloud be a bit longer ;) Quite cool tune!
Better than bombjack, but I feel the sounds still too simple and cheesy! Dig your sounlibrary! And keep your work up!:-)
A bit too short, and the first part was a bit boring. But the last part was a good follow-up.
Nice work
Almost Very Good, but too trancy for my taste. And the ending comes to soon.

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