Peter Clarke - Defender of the Crown (The Elf's Story)

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Peter Clarke Veteran
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A remix incorporating 6 sub-tunes from the game and narrated in 'Elvish' by... An Elf... (One of the only races who live long enough to pass the tale down)


If you want to know what the elf is saying, (my Elvish isn't perfect)... ..but I've provided a rough translation here:


The Elf's Story


It isn't a REAL orchestra but it is a real Elf...


I've got to mention LaLa here... Imre, my friend. You have been a brilliant, 'fresh set of ears', during the creation of this piece. Your input & suggestions have been both valuable & welcome... Thank you!


Roughly a months work to weave this into a musical story about a murdered king, a lost crown & a hero who saves England..

So well put together. Phenomenal Remix
Lala knows what's good. Nicely done!
If all remixes (no matter the style) were so well produced, my playlist would only include music from Amiga Remixes...
Real neat! Please give the "elf" a pat on the back. That's some A+ grade Sindarin pronounciation!
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This really deserves it's place, high up in both charts. Just the 1st listen tells you how good the quality of this soundtrack is. I can't imagine how long it took to make or how much work went in to get the attention to detail that is here.