Crazy Comets (Club Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
PowerTrace Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:
A classic Rob Hubbard tune that originally is 125 bpm and i UNZed it up to a 150bmp.
Could be more breaks and stuff but i couldn't do it ... ;)

It's a remix for those who like the original SID added with powerfull drums and stuff...
Heh, this strangely works for me.
Love it!
I like it
I like this version actually!! Especially the part at 2:54
Too many techno versions of this tune, and there's nothing here which really stands out as such from anything else. It works okay, but it just isn't up there.
Yes it's very unzed mix... But it has nice instruments... I put it my collection ;-)
Quite standard tunza-tunza, no much other except some good synth sounds
Kinda lifeless. Too fast too create emotions. Too much sid for my taste. Still works, kinda.
Good an nothing more.
The track quality is not the best but the track rocks ;)
Verry OK
Good technic but nothing to remember
150bpm unz unz unz unz unz...! Haha! But you seem to be true. The original seems really extremly SLOW after you heard this here!;-)
Nice, but too fast.
Sounds like a instant rememedy reremix. Too much infact.
Really nice flow in this one!
Pretty good SID+drums implementation.
Good at the begin but too repetitive loops
A little bit too fast... But cool
Great work! This rocks!!! Ultra-fast version! Added to my collection.

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