Putzi - No Mercy (in-game title Lounge-Mix)

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This is maybe the most abstract of all my remixes, with little of the original style in it. Funny that Markus also thought of an action-soundtrack when I gave him an earlier version of the remix (percussions and stuff).
A little rougher sound from Putzi than usual - which is good. Great sound scape and creative use of compression.
Great remix this and I really like the powerful drums - however there filter effect is overused a bit
Good stuff, Putzi! :D
Really enjoyable this one with excellent use of drums and beat to keep the mix flowing nicely. Good mixing and lovely soundscape. A winner, this one.
Putzi goes funky right there in the beginning. Phat drumsound and a nice, bouncy part starting at 1:45... I kinda dislike the original tune, though, hence no 'outstanding'.
Nice, but will not added to my most favourite list...
Someone is addicted to the filter button aint they ;-).. Good sound though and a really enjoyable remix.. Good stuff putzi my old chum
Something different from putzi, a raw and powerful remix. Love it! Great work sascha....
What a FUNKY intro!! Yeah, yeah, YEAH! :-D Sadly it loses this great 'red line' of that funky style in the ongoing after the first 30secs.! Makes me think that there's something missing all the time in the later! This _could_ have been GREAT, man, man!
I hafta admit, it's not easy to recognize the bits and pieces of the original SID that are still in there, but I think it stands on its own. Pretty good!
Not the best from putzi.
VIP lounge, 2 am, cigar smoke, flashing lights that hurt your drunk eyes, the ground below you vibrating to the bass... Good atmosphere, well done!
Heard it the first time on SLAY Radio... Since then I love it! Great work!

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