Reyn Ouwehand - Garfield

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tack piano, mellotron, fender rhodes, gibson howard roberts guitar, epiphone wildcat guitar, marxophone, glockenspiel, solina string ensemble, hofner bass, rogers drum kit, 2 shakers, 2 tambourines and some sweaty handclaps..


Cheers, Reyn.


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Now this I do like. I make no apologies for giving it a red, it's like a mix of instruments from all my favourite kids TV shows blended together by a Blendtec blender and just syrupy sweet at that. And the production's fab!
This is obviously the definitive remix of Garfield! Reyn is just a genius when it comes to live play.
Great sounding, excellently put together and as normal, superb production
I just love the sound! Reyn's a genius.
Ah! It's simply marvelous. Reyn, You scare me :D
60's stylee and well done, capturing the spirit of one of the cartoons from that era perfectly.
Hah! This is just fantastic! No surprise, what could one actually expect from a living legend besides pure magic? ! Reyn we LOVE you! :D
The live video is impressive to say the least, makes you wish you had such talent. The style in this remix suits the tune perfectly, definately outstanding.
Outstanding arrangement that keeps the feeling of the original. Very organic, obviously played live by a talented musician. This remix would fit very well into his excellent Nexus 6581 album. It's just wonderful!
Jesus, where does one begin. Lets just say it gets a Red - its mega
If there was somthing higher than "outstanding", this tune would have been it.
All is said :)
A fantastic remix of a little known tune, excellent production and performance! Just AWESOME.
Very nice, but the original tune is too limited and repetitive.
Sounds like some Mike Post TV series theme. Suitable for a lawyer series or a sitcom. Swings!
Well mixed, but just too repetitive for my taste. Would work great as backing to a Garfield cartoon though :)
Good execution but to repetitive and void of originality
Reyn, buddy, you are a genious!! Having a girl who loves Garfield I've had the chance to sit down and watch all the old classic episodes (before the Garfield+Friends days), and this so reminds me of those cartoons. Just overall EXCELLENT!!:)
Nice stuff, even if it's not my favourite genre.
Simply fantastic. Period.
Fast and yet mellow, not stalling anywhere and oddly reminiscent of Sesame Street.
Just fantastic...
Very nice!
The orginial tune is very bad so...... Sorry, any remix cannot change it.
Haha!! He did it again! GREAT classic cult tune.... And a GREAT remix here! Reyn, you rule till today! No doubt! Do LOTS more of such stuff please!
Argh! Can´t stop wiggling! Damn you, Reyn! XD
Flower Power meets Garfield. That sounds real crazy but really cool! I like it.
Only one word is needed to describe this tune: Perfect.
Excellent performance and production, true to the original. Reyn r0xX.
Produced very well, and I love this feel good stuff. And Garfield is cool. I don't think theres any suggestions to make on how to improve! Awesome
Love it! And it's amazing the way this guy cranks the whole song out all by himself! I saw the video.
As others have said, This one is fantastic. I wish we could see some of the older youtube videos redone in high quality!
One of the first tunes I just had to learn on my Bass! Love it!
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Great cover, great 'thin picked' Bass, love the blues honky-tonk piano, respectful to the original. Great job!