Scyphe - Human Race 4 (Maccie Pimp-Me-Up Mix)

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Arranged by:
Scyphe Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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After the original version had sunk in and had some glaringly obvious problems (mix, instrumentation etc.) I decided to have it pimped up by a good friend of mine who's also a musician (and teacher at GuitarMasterClasses -> I rar'ed the entire cubase project folder and sent it to him and the result is imo 10 times better than the original. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I first heard the pimped up version.


Playing, arrangement etc. are still all me. He produced it and changed the drum VSTi.

ps. this cover was meant to be low key and mellow to create a moody atmosphere while using guitars,  organ, bass and drums in a band-like setup. 

What can I say - this is one of the best versions I've heard in a long time! Very enjoyable.
Much better than that "strange diversion mix" you posted earlier! Especially the ending fits better now. *repeat*
Lovd the guitar work, but the whole song was a bit damp and Still good tho.
Very nice laid back version of the human race, with some great instrument work... Great stuff
Although this tune is almost remixed to death, I like this version very much. Nice guitars...
Nice instruments, but boring arrangement (even the solos is boring because they dissapear among the others). When the el-guitar melody is playing the other intruments should back off a little. Also the whole tune should be played a couple of keys higher.
This remix lacks a bit of freshness. Before I new it, it was over, and I was still waiting for its uniqueness. Not even the guitar improvisation changed my mind. But thanks for the effort ;)
Very good guitar skills and nice production. Great stuff! Btw: the "more-metal-drop-d"-Video kicks ass, too!;)
Great guitar work, nice backing, very enjoyable! The arrangement is a bit run-of-the-mill, but still nice.
Nice guitar work.... The new Shadows of 2008........
My humble individual vote for the month (greetz 2 Morbid): Good example of mastering the iron wire 8-) Relaxing one. This time I enjoyed the guitar sound ;)
Very nice and enjoyable.
Yes! YES! No... Yes! YES! Oh no! Yes YES! <-- This is how I thought during the song. A worthy competitior for the best version of this song. The mixing is right, the mood is there. Different, check. But it lacks some on the guitar play and it's mixing.
It is so silent, so quiet and the sguitqar only tries to give other rythm

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