Sid Peasley - Enigma Force

Track info
Arranged by:
Sid Peasley Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Fred Gray
All-Time charts position:
I sort of expected it to burst into a Ska arrangement after the intro. :) I love the energy of the tune!
It rocks along nicely - could do with some more "live" feeling is my only critism..
Fuck, this is rocking! There are some flaws, and the mix is IMO a bit too dirty, but there's nothing that rivals a real drumming maniac! Who's the drummer? Tell me!
It had a really nice intro but the following part got me on a HUH?? Where did the tempo go.. =/ Some mixing flaws.. Keep it up.
Fuck, this is too much guitar... Rocking? More an heart attack....
Great work! The remix sounds raw but in good way.
Intro was promising.. But it drifted to much into 'average' in the general ongoing. No real speciality later one anymore.
A good mix here if feeling slightly robotic in nature.
Spot on the feeling I remember from the game. Loved the music then - love this now :-)
This one emits a lot of energy!
Very powerful!!!!!!
OMG! The intro is maybe the best version of this tune. And it just gets better and better! The intersections is just awesome. Some flaws, but it doesn't pull this down!
Only orchestral stuff and Heavy Metal this month? New ideas, please!

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