SkyMarshall Arts - Parallax ReLoaded

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Parallax ReLoaded
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Good memories, and a reasonably catchy 2nd half of Martin's original resulted in this remix.
It might be a little too long, and have a strange sounding lead ... wanted to try that for once.
Also, vocals in the beginning are myself. No singing this time around. It just didn't fit.
Parallax ReLoaded
Nice sound and good mixing. More variation in the drums and your remix would be outstanding!
Well mixed. But the lead ruins it...
Have to agree with Amok, it is a nice enough mix, but the lead sample sounds wrong and gets annoying very quickly.
Only just a bit out of tune is the lead, and its far too simple, although I see what you've tried to do, but it has a looped sample quality to it and not so synth. Otherwise catchy and nice variation of the actual tune.
The lead and the drums ruin this catchy track!
The lead doesn't ruin anything.. It improves it, though on the high frequenzies it may need some tweaking.. It fits the style of the remix. This IS a retro remix, and a very good one!
Agrees 100% with symbols.
No build-up to the awesome bit like the original, which you could have done easily with the style you chose. And there's bits that are just un-faithful or simply out of tune. Not very good.
OOUUUUUCHH!!! What is that? The melody doesn't only have wrong notes, it's also about 4 seconds early!!! Arrgh! Gotta turn this off!
I like most everything about this remix except the lead. That lead sound is annoying, flat and boring and completely ruins the otherwise good groove behind it. I much prefer the harmonica heard towards the end.
Nice production but the lead issues (wrong syncing to chords, worst sound ever) destroy everything. Sorry.
Can't live without that LEAD. (Nice prediction) ;) I might have given yellow, but had to compensate. Static and detuned, but in the end it is pretty OK (not melodywise though)
Good sound, and some good ideas in it
The green one was deserved here, I'm afraid. The lead is out of tune and unfaithful... And that is the worse beat ever for Parallax. Sorry.
Even though the lead needs some work, the song is very good. The rest is very well performed. Electronic-Harmonica-on-Helium Remix?
Wrong notes at missing pitch-bends and wrong background chords destroy this one.
Strong sound! But please fix that lead :-)
I like it, but It's not something I listen to on a regular basis. The lead could be better

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