Teo - Kikstart 2 (2005 Hardtrance Edit)

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Teo Veteran
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It's not hardtrance really - more electropop - but still not a bad remix at all. Still, if you want elektropop - Sonic Wanderer's remix seems more complete
Nothing wrong with it, was just boring
Sounds like a mix of iceXuik's and Sonic wanderer's version but not as good as either.. Still it's quite good non the less.
Nothing wrong with it, but it lacks something to give it that extra boost.
Just doesn't do much for me, sounds a bit too clinical and precise with not that much of Kikstart II present.
Standard bum tiss trance affair, no true direction.. Sounds the same as everything else and sonic wanderer already did it better.. And the ending is the worst ive heard in a while it just stops.. Wtf?!
This one could have been amazing but it lacks something. The part @2.30-3. 44 is great IMHO!
Could have been better, showed some promise.
The original SID did not catch me, but this one is quite better even it lacks variation...
Sorry, but your kikstart's version don't like me.
Not too bad. A well done tune. Nothing that sticks out in the crowd though.
Straight forward trance.
What the hell is Hardtrance? I thought it's either Hard(core) OR Trance!? For fanciers of this genre (who I don't belong to), this one should do well. Good mixing!
Loves from Unreal, nice remix too :)
Not hard, but damn good!

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