Tokafondo - Ocean Loader 3 (taking it easy remix)

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Nice idea... Is it just me or is the guitar out of tune with itself? Maybe it's just the drugs I am taking!
This would work so well in the soundtrack of a Wes Anderson movie! :D
I'm impressed - but then I'm a sucker for a 1 man and his guitar
Nice idea, executed pretty well, and I have a feeling it was done live in one take. Very different, and even if not perfect, shows a lot of work put into it.
Quite allright, but it sounds like the guitar IS a bit out of tune sometimes, yes. Even so, quite nicely done.
Heh I dunno why, but I really really love this.. Im genuinely impressed with its raw sound it doesnt pretend to be anything its not and for it it shines like a beautiful new penny to me.
Nice idea and I like the feel of it.. But there is some serious timing issues here and there with the guitar. Other than that.. Nothing much
OMG, a REAL guitar! None of that synth crap. Gets two thumbs up for player skills alone. Some subtle background strings would've made it even better.
What have u done to one of my most favorite SIDs? *buuuhhhaaaawwwaaaahhhh* - some notes went completly wrong, the pace goes like someone is dying... Dj-skitz: it's the guitar ;-)
Nice one...
Nice idea though...:-)
Nice playing too bad the guitar is out of tune.
Good stuff!
Nice accoustic tune. A better tuned guitar would improve this a lot.
I'm afraid something's slightly out of tune here. But still "Average", though, for the good idea and the nice acoustic guitar-playing.
I really like it - this is not the usual techno-style remix but something complete original, and it adds a lot of spirit to the tune.
Way too slow
One of the things I consider by voting, is asking myself the question: Could I do it better? :D Wish I could play guitar that good!
The original was so hardcore, this very brave acoustical version really adds emotion and atmosphere
Go on the balcony, shred some furniture and make a campfire. Now play that tune. Great!

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