Vincenzo - Blowing re-remixed

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Arranged by:
Vincenzo Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Søren Lund (Jeff)
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I wanted to re-remix Blowing, as the first attempt sounds like a press demo button on the synth music. The second version is a little bit better but still not 100%
Maybe i could make a 100% version after my retirement. See you in ~35 years!
Vote distribution
Moody and very well done!
Overall nice production. I would have liked to have it more of a liveish feel to it. But I really like it anyways!!
It sounds more Studio produced in this version.. But the first rev you did was tons better in both feel and realism.. Imho.. Still, this is really nice.. Like the drums. Though the hi-hats kinda ruins it for me
The original was great - I do like this but hard to top the original - but its a very good tune.
The first version had more life in it... This is to steril for me.
Excellent work!
Jazz club / amiga demo esque type tune, enjoyed it more than I thought I would good stuff :)
I agree that the first version was better, still nicely done though.
Sorry but I find it boring, it's techincally very well executed though.
Good flow, this!
Not familiar with the original SID, but this is niiiiiiiiiiiice! Chilled & moody!
I kinda like the first version's echoing piano better. But the rest of the production sounds better here. Either way, this is very moody, very nice! Gratulantye!
Hmm... Production is better than the first attempt, but the arrangement leaves me a bit cold. Bit of a shame but it's still a good effort.

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