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Shock Wave (2007RMX)


Thanks for the first ratings.

OK, you are right: It is a weak remix indeed, but I didn't use any AMIGA-ORIGINAL-Samples for this remix.

I just made the mistake to choose 16-bit-samples that are pretty close to the original-sound.

I did wrong...😉




Shockwave (Intro) Amiga Music

I'm not a big fan of using original Amiga samples in remixes, and I'm getting the feeling a lot of old samples were used here. It still works though, but it sounds a little like a mid-90s XM. Good effort none the less.
Hmm. Wrong choice of instruments is my main bugbear for this version. Technically good and an accurate portrayal up the marks a bit though.
Too many original samples. Flat mix. Uninspiring.
Well, the original is a mod I've listened to a LOT and I'm not too impressed by this version. Every sound (except the padding) is in the center, and I lacks the punch and the feeling of the original.
After a shaky and uninspired start, it takes off quite well, but could've used better mixing and instrumentation.
I don't like the kick drum, else this remake sounds really great!
Not a very good remix but hey, its a excellent song!! How about a re-remix? :D
I don't care about perfect mixing as long as the spirit is there. Very good interpretation!
Its ok -
I like it even if the mastering could have been more solid/wider. Extra plus for the "XxX" in your handle, I remember doin that back in '90 in noicetracker too :-)
A favorite amiga tune of mine! Good remix but I think that the original was a bit more "powerfull". I've always expected from a remix to give this tune a much more strong feeling!
Re-hash but it works alright I guess
Very good - could be more, erm, modern?
A nice remake but lacks something. It feels a bit empty at times, and needs something to lift it.
Again, the samples.. If the sounds were more 2007 then the track would be rather spiffing. The sounds let it down immensely.
I'm working on a remix on this as well.. This gives me a reason to get back to it and try to do better. Arrangement was pretty good but use other samples that doesn't sound like the original
Good remix, but it's too close to the original!
Cool remix, nice done. Like the Shockwave Stuff since the original.^^

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