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Zoids Orchestral2008
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Zoids Orchestral2008 or Failure of an attempt to compose an Orchestral Zoids Remix!


The Original ZOIDS (Ancestors) is a masterpiece by Larry Fast/Synergy (Rob Hubbard)!

In my remix I tried to compose with some Symphonic Orchestra-Samples for the very 1st time.


Well, after reading some of these shattering comments, I think, I've got a lot to learn...no offence!😉



Commodore 64 Music - 105 - Zoids (YouTube)

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Nice effort, the arrangement could use some polishing, some of the orchestral samples at times sound downright annoying.
As LaLa said, and it sounds artificial. Can't compare to the original.
The arrangement is not bad but the instruments sound really awful...
Not that much going for it, fair enough you used orchestral synths (at times it sounds like soundfonts playing over a midi pattern tbh) but they dont fit very well.
Sounds a bit dry and artificial!
Artificial sounding orchestral samples and some odd string slides spoil this more than they should. Sadly this arrangement loses the power and emotion of the original tune.
Great and something I love and the piano is awesome
Average mix, a some points is sounds out of tune, or is it just me
Argh... Don't know what some find in this... Purely spoken it's crap, 1st some strings which are off some times do not make a orchester... 2nd anything is at the same volume... So the result is a mishmash... I recommand to listen the Slow Poison remix
A valiant first attempt, but there's some out of pitch and out of tune arrangements throughout which completely spoil the piece. Add to that it's a pale imitation of the Synergy original.
Ugh, too much synth orchestra.
It is very poorly made, but of course not all, the idea was good but the product wasn't the best
It's not even near to a real orchestra, sorry.

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