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Review by Dr-Duke (11/09/2005)

Since the release of 'Alien Breed' in 1991 on the Amiga, I was astonished and fascinated about that piece of work Allister Brimble had delivered there. And about how deep and lovely a tune could come to.
Just to mention: I'm a child of the very first days of Atari2600, C64 and Atari800XL. Although these days, I never played 'Lightforce'... on not any system.

Today, a few weeks ago, I heard Brimble's remake of that game music (and of course the "good old .sid", to get a compare) and instantly felt in love with it. It is, indeed, a modern remix. Still electronic, still fast and still none sort of a "chartz-like-one" you can hear all the fu****g day on your Radio... It's strictly bound to the rythmn of the original, but with more love. More love, for the old times. More in-depth. Where the music more touched your sense, your soul, than your money-bag. I think it is made with love... somehow.

But... to come to a conclusion:
If you like harmonic (Jean Michel Jarre) and rythmic tunes in a modern, fast and trancey good old way, this one is definately one you should hear!

Yet, still, I get a bumpy condition of my skin, when listening to this awesome track... :-)

Thank you, Allister Brimble!! Thank you!!
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