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Review by Craze (22/06/2009)

Yes! This is 100% nostalgia for me. :-)

Spellbound is a song that I've wanted to make a remix on for a long while. Hearing this one has convinced me there is absolutely no artistic reason for a new version.

Great intro and the drum from 0:20 builds up nicely. You have used a lot of different instruments in this arrangement. The only thing I can complain about is the quality of the instrument bank that is used. Not sure if it's MIDI or not, but I see that the composition is from 2002. At that point there was not that much stuff on the market for affordable prices. Today, I use Nexus 2 (Dance Orchestra expansion)and Garritan Personal Orchestra myself. I'd be very interested to see what you could accomplish with those instruments.

2:10.. where the fiddle comes in is superp.

2:55...ahh... wonderful with the choir and.. hmm xylophone-something? Just great!

You are using the percussions in an excellent way! Gong, cymbal and metalworks and bells etc are used in a creative way and it enriches the arrangement a lot, making up for the quality of the weaker instruments.

Knowing that there are many older tunes with MIDI instruments much higher up the charts here, I'd say this tune is severely underrated. I'd like to put it somewhere in top 200. Maybe even top 100. :-)

Cheers, mate!
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