Chronberg - Geo-Matrix (Schizophonic version)

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Chronberg Veteran
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Chron-blooming-tastic! Lacks a bit of edge to get a red one from me. But the production is, as always with Chron, excellent!
Excellent cover of an obscure game tune. Plenty of hi-nrg feel here and lots of lovely instruments too. A winner, this one.
Great cover of the sid and has Chron written all over it, just a shame its a little too long in my opinion
Once again a very enjoyable tune from Chron. Perfect quality in my opinion but missing the absolute blowoff this time. Still an excellent piece of work!
Everything they say is right!:-)
I cant hear any bass or bassdrum in this.. This lacks the mastering and Eq'ing qualitys I've heard in your previous works.. Doesn't do it for me.
I like it very much. But it is a style u have to learn before I liked it.. I think it would souns extra Good if it was a Bit more rave or trance I cant really decide. But great mix once agaon from Per aka Chronblom ;)
I like that! Very nice mix... But in parts it still lacks some of the great 'pushing forward' it has in the beginning minute etc... But still a great tune! ;-D
Wow! This remix got a lot of energy!
Kick ass techno trance.
A bit messy. But ok.
This makes me happy. A w e s o m e.
I keep going back to this song. I particularly like the turn at 1:51.
This one's something special somehow. Could become an all-time classic.
It moves!!!
That "deflating balloon sound" is intoxicating :)

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