Hazel - A Sad Trip To You

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Hazel Veteran
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Browsing the HSVC archive sure can be fun. You find some quite catchy but unknown tunes. And here is yet another less known SID by Decoder.

It's probably not one of my best tunes but I still believe it's listenable and not too crappy..  I was aiming on a spacesynth tune but it's probably more a mix of trance/spacesynth..

Anyway I hope you like anyway and that I won't cause you any hearing damage with this one😉
The usual Hazel goodness here. Lots of bounce, really nice bass lines underpinning the whole thing, and plenty of nice instrument leads...
Good stuff from Hazel again.
Excellent mix! Nice that you pick up those unknown tunes too!
I like this tune, however, haven't heard about it before ;)
Yep, I like this one. Can't write more stuff... Have to listen to the sound with closed eyes ;-) Thanks for this nice peace of Music...
Same good mixing and great instrument choice from Hazel with the bounciness we're used to, but the arrangement is rather lackluster. Doesn't really stir my emotions, either.
Very unzy and good choice of sounds.
Blinking marvelous.
Probably one of the best remixes or covers I've ever heard of any of my work. Good job!
Very good work on this one!
Really nice! A remix which in the same time sounds airy and fluidlike and also clubbing.
Lovely tune in that typical eurodance/trance style.
Very nice, but something is missing...
A track I stick on loop around has to be good. This is for sure, just plain close your eyes and listen type ethereal...
I liked this very much, in fact it ran in a loop for a very long time before I turned it off. That means it's a good remix.:)
Omoroca I cant say its cheesy its stunning - nice work AGAIN hazel
The original SID was pure pop and I mean this in a positive sense. Your remix just captures a portion of the original's feel, though it doesn't sound quite as happy and easy-going. It's still a good one!
I seem to love anything from Hazel. Well done.... Again
I don't know the original tune (gonna look it up though), but this mix is just plain fantastic!
Simply awesome!
Very good ofcourse, simply good and well made
Definitely not a sad trip for me :)

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