Hazel - Nemesis The Warlock

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Hazel Veteran
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Solid dance version of Nemesis the Warlock with Hazel's trademark sound stamped firmly on it. Stomps along just fine!
Yep good lively dance version of the excellent hubbard sid.. I likes it!
Thumping as per usual, and like with most of hazels work I can find little fault in it, great stuff.
This tune drives me. Love the beat.
There is something about this song I like a lot and it's because it's a good song! Some glitches but hey, still close to complete!
Really good Hazel :D
A welcome return from Hazel and a great way to start off 2010!
Just the right amount of retro sounds and dance track mixed into each other. Luv it
Never really liked the Nemesis tune, but this remix is just great! :P
It's too much SID sounding. Great thing in my book :) A Hazellified SID usually means a fresh-minded thumping tune. This is no exception. Fortunately :)
Great dance beat, a touch of retro sounds, careful arrangement, perfect mixing - the hazelification of Nemesis is complete.
So great, I listen it since hours in loop-mode. This is the best remix ever!!
Brilliant, full of energy, and a great retro feel.
Wow. I usually don't like dance stuff at all, but this actually works as a stomping listening experience. :D
From start reminded me to Last Ninja, great club version of excellent SID.
Congrats for the best working Nemesis remix up to date!
Very groovy, very retro! ;) Exelent work!
Groovy version of my favorite C64 tune.
Something is wrong to my ears, but very good jobs indeed
One of the best Nemesis remixes - faithful to the original with a great driving tempo!
Nice! Added to my collection.
Simply amazing, wish it was longer like the original

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