Hazel - Project 11 (An Angels Love)

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Hazel Veteran
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Yet another lesser known tune I found in the HSVC archive..     And this time it was even a worktune..   But then again I got so many WIP's on my harddrive so why not make a remix of a C64 WIP..😉

Some vocals by Laurie Webb was added aswell..
Nice arrangement and it keeps the feel of the original intact. But.. And this is a big but.. It just doesn't seem to do anything and meanders quite a lot. Don't like the use of the vocals here either.
Great dance remix! Good punch, well balanced mix as usual.
Great track, love those cords!
Nice Dance umz... Umz... I like the chosen instruments, I like the overall arrangement. But for me there's nothing that says play it again and again and again...
At first it felt dull, but I started to like it more, I guess the vocals gives more feeling.
Add a female voice, and everyone will like it. Me too!:-)
Bloody lovely dance remix of a tune ive never heard of in my entire life xD
I cannot decide wether I love or hate this vocal, but the tune has definitely forced me to listen to it over and over again
Good work, but I don't like the vocals! Still, you have some very beautiful parts in it.
Everything would have been so much better if it weren't for the vocals. It's just that I have never liked vocals in c64 remixes, prolly never will either, thus the ratings for them hurt, no matter how good the remix is.
Fat arrangement!
Yeeessss hunz hunz dance dance
More orange than yellow for me ;-)
Great sounding trance tune.
Mmmmmm, love with an angel... Erg, I mean, great tune! You can feel the energy when listening to this!
Aimless arrangement. Nice mixing, great instruments, nice bounciness, but it just doesn't go anywhere.
It's got that Hazel feel and I like it, it's chilled yet bouncy. I can't say the vocals do much for the piece, glad they're not often.
Have to hear it over and over... Since I know of it :D Awesome!!!
One of the tracks on my current repeating playlist... Utterly hypnotic!
Just absolut awesome great...
My favourite ringtone since 2009!
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How the hell did you invent this 5/4th funky beat! Well invented. Took me a while to notice it even.