Hazel - Slowmotion

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Hazel Veteran
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Bright, breezy and just the right sort of tune to brighten the day. Love the neat use of arpeggio here and the lead is really luscious. Another cracking effort from Hazel. It's not quite red, but it's pretty close.
Nice one, but the beat kind of bores me at the end...
Outstanding, I realy like this tune.. It had good punch.. Nice clear sounds.. Exellent pianorolls... I like it alot.
I like it ALOT.. Smooth and really nice sid work in this one.
Yup... The beat is boring
Another instantly loved clappy happy shortie from Mr Hazel :-) lifted me up a lot!
Like many other Hazel remixes, starts out good, but then it falls into repetition and simply becomes boring as time progresses. Some variation would be a welcome change in this otherwise technically superb remix.
Like the sid/synth combination.. The drumbeat is nice and punchy.. Absolutely sod all to complain about here great stuff
Nice! Not my cup of tea, but technically very skilled!
Cool retro-instrument style in here. Like the way of using it. Sounds clean and style varies nicely. Hazel, do you have holiday at the mo' or why are you releasing like a pure MANIAC!?? :-D Well, don't care as long as you continue doing so! :-) Cool...
Like especially the SID effects!
If Hazel was a scarecrow he'd be outstanding in his field.
Great tune!
Great sid:ish sounds but with that contemporary touch!
Very nice one! Love chip sound in it.
Very good arr!
Incredible good song :)
Excuse me while I just come :)
Not outstanding: I've heard better stuff by Hazel. A solid and good remix though.
Lovely tune, Great use of the original sounds in the remix
Great!! I love it!
Sunday morning wake up track - relaxing - not as full as most hazel tracks but STONKING in other ways
Very atmospheric, spacy, juicy and melodic... Perhaps a little too mushy :) But a good choice for a remix!

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