Hazel - Synth Sample 3 (Cracked by the Dynamic Duo)

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First time I heard the original was in a crack intro by the German group "Dynamic Duo" and since then this tune has haunted me😉

And until this year (2006) I didn't even know that the music was actually made by Rob Hubbard himself.. I guess we learn something new every day.. Even if it took me like 17 years!😉

Okay... The tune itself is probably not more than 8 seconds long so I had to add some extra stuff to the tune... I hope you don't mind.... I couldn't just loop the 8 seconds about 30 times and call it the day..
Synth Sample 3 (Cracked by the Dynamic Duo)
Oooh, nice.
It's not a secret that I'm a Hazel fan-boy. ;) This isn't groovy enough to get a red one, though. But it does have that Hazel-feel.:)
It's a very nice rendition of the Human League's "Do or Die" but it definitely owes more to Hubbard than the 'League. Nice chunky heavy melody-driven effort with plenty of nice touches. Well done Hazel!
Yes, deffinitely more c64 than cover and very well done it is too.
I always wanted to give this track a shot. Thanx to Hazel for doing it!
Very very well done tune.. And one I enjoyed immensely.. Needs more cowbell though.. Sure skitz will supply on his show :) hehe
Groovy stuff! Wonderful.
Hazel just keeps on impressing me and I am very jeleous on what he gets out of FLStudio :) Top remix, grity sounds.... Now send me the FLP!
Blame me, but I loved it after cropping at 3:00 minutes
Hey! Another great one, indeed! Like that one, too! Nice mixing and ideas and arrangement (as usual!? ;-) ) Pwehh... Already thought there might be only 'moog-sics' in here anymore for the future!;-)
Great stuff, very tasty remix with nice usage of z3ta+ plug :)
Very kool stuff ;-)
I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought making a remix of this one is a sane idea. This rocks!
I like it! Some nice innovative features, especially the nice breakdown with the vocal
I like this one quite a bit. But the part with the quote "time to lay down some serious sound" should have had a lot more punch to it. That part was weak and anticlimactic.
Its groove, or rather, the instruments used in it are suspiciously similar to LMan's remix. Nevertheless, it's quite enjoyable on its own. The second part after the 3:00 mark can be easily cut out.
Well, after o2-Nemeses, Cirdan-Last Ninja, Instant Remedy-Outrun, there was not tune that I loved to hear THAT much! This is not excellent, this is outstanding...
Gorgeous groove! A step under the red one only for those trancy leads that dont like too much. But the overall rendition is very good.
I love all synth sample, cool ;)
Doesn't work for me bc it's too slow. The Dynamic Duo intro has to be played fast!

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