Infamous - Cobra (9mm remix)

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An ok mix but I do like the lovely bass in it
A unique take on one of my favourite SIDs - shame it's a cover of a cover. Definately not a one to one cover though...
Great "Infamous"-beats, but has a "filler track" feeling to it.
I was tempted to give it outstanding, but the very altered lead melody even puts me off.;)
Nice idea, but the execution isn't quite there. The out of tune lead will put people off. A few tweaks and this'd be good.
Sorry, I know it's deliberate and all, but that main lead just sounds soooo wrong
The execution could've arguably been better, almost gave a good for this but I especially like the beat and bass and the general feel to this tune. For some reason I'm not so bothered about the lead melody being a little off.
A brave attempt to do something different, but doesn't quite gel together.
Still can't hate an Infamous track
Classic Infamous track. Too much rhythm, too little melody. Still nice production, but I have problems with the melody issue, too.
Strange. This one went through disbelief & shock for me and ended up this way. The infamous way.
I can see what Infamous was trying to do with this remix, but it just didn't come across right for me. Too little of the original tune can be found in this mix.
Remix? Seems to be a new song with some excerpts from the original tune... The :-( goes for the melody... Technically the tune is well done.
Well done mix. I've heard a lot of bad remixes of that tune, that itself isn't the most rocked tune.
Ip I like the the bass!! The melody is very wrong though! Nonethelesss I like Whats Been Done With This. Just Try And Make It Your Own Next Time!, I l love everything!!!! Ha Ha, he he, heeheeee
Sounds like a little kid trying (and failing) to play the Cobra melody after only hearing it once. Those variations on the melody don't sound intentional or artistic or anything.
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Well Infamous?

I really love this bass you have created,sounds like something from Reason.

The sound for the main Cobra lead you have used i like very much.

You have changed the original Martin Galway melody though. If you want to change a melody then fine,but remmember its the melody that makes a tune.!

Try to keep the original main melody then build your own version around it. Make it your own.

All in all i still like this mix just for the mad bass!

Its a good,