Infamous - Xenophobe

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Agreed it could do with a little bit more of a smack but im loving this, it sounds like something David Arnold would write :)
Lacks punch of the original, a little too laid back on the main melodies. A good try, but it feels like it doesn't just have the crack which it should. Not aggressive enough on the leads
I so dig this! Good one, Infy!
If Infamous and Hazel ever do a coop mix I'll need a change of underwear.
Needs a fair bit more aggression, seems lightweight and Eurotrance-ish in parts. It's got the flow and feel though, and with tweaking would be even better.
Great Remix!!! I love it! Keep'em coming, infy...
Love those pulsating bassline soundz, but the lead snd somehow doesn't work 4 me... But great BB overall!
To much drums and bass sound can't hear much of the other things so this doesn't really work for me.. But good effort on the remix =)
Great stuff here.. I really like your style..
As his nick predicts... But this time, nicely done.
Great punch. A little muddy on the instrument part though.
Ok tune. But nothing new unfortunately.
Good sound!!! I think the melody is too low in the mix.
Yes, this will do
Technically well done, but not my cup of fika!
It's stood the test of time. When I'm on shuffle and this comes up I'm happy.
I listen to this song pretty regularly. When it breaks into the heavy saw-wave bass at about 40 seconds in, I was hooked.
Kick-ass tune! Well done!

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