load_error - Impossible Mission (Impossible Vocal Experiment)

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OK this is an own composition rather than a remix But I remembered those vocal samples used in the game (that always amazed me, I mean, when I was 8, a voice comin from a C64!!!), and when I've seen this sid available for a remix, well, I didnt resist.
I still believe this can be considered a remix because the vocals are over-used, plus I tried to create a hypertechnological and mechanical atmosphere that reminds to the feeling of the game (do you remember the robots??).
My bad... I've not used the "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh" sample (the one when the man falls in the hole), but i realized that only at the end, when the postproduction was already done
I really dont know what to rate this, it's a fantastic idea and a great tune.
A very different take on a tune, particularly when the original source material is speech only. In theory you could have done any tune around the samples, but what's there is pretty well executed.
I love your stuff.
Hurt my ears...
Outstanding for originality and overall production. Aren't you bored to listen always the *same* stuff? Ok, here's something totally different!
More experimental stuff from load_error. Great stuff, but of course it's rather an own composition than a remix. And the voice samples are used-to-death. Still I can't vote any lower than Outstanding.
It's not my cup of tea, but I've heard the style of load_error now, and it's good for it's genre.
Mission acomplished.. Definitely... Completely off its tits mental and in need of mental help and I LOVE IT.
Paints a great mental picture for me
Interesting idea with vocal but quite a messy kraftwerk/breakbeat sound crossover
Wow! The modulated "destroy him my robots" voice sample goes deep under my skin. Frightening! Brings back the Impossible Mission game atmosphere. Plus some nice Captain Future feeling.
Pain-in-the-ass remix!!!
I was thinking about registering for some time now, but the urge to rate this as absolute and total crap made me actually do so. My God, what the f**k is this supposed to mean!? :-S
To be honenst this is the only "remix" of yours that I hate.
Just a big mess
Great happy & dark D'n'B take on Impossible Mission - really like it.
Technically very good, but impossible to listen to.
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Very avantgarde, definitely different, a very original remix. But where's that "Aaaah"? And where are those electronic blip-blops of the robots? At least the "feeling" of the game is there: this would definitely work as background music for a PS2 version of Impossible Mission. =)