load_error - Last Ninja 2 (Breaks On Level 4)

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The drumpattern is strongly inspired to Firestarter, but it was made by myself and without any Prodigy Drum Kit (Is not that hard to make such a drumloop though).

Cheers for the feedback 😉
The drum loop sounds suspiciously like Firestarter, this is def a tune Infy will prob love
Kick ass breakbeat tune. No way is that loop from Firestarter, I bet my ass it's selfmade. (That breakbeat style was not exactly invented by Prodigy either, though excessively used. ) I have to agree that there's potential for improvement though.
I was borderlining towards 'Average' just by the fact that it's VERY repetitive and frankly quite boring, but it IS a good production.
Prodigy? Not rough enough im afraid, its a pretty simple drumloop.. Which actually lets the rest of the tune down because I like how that sounds, if the drumloop had been a little more GRRR this'd have got a redface. As it stands its just excellent ^^
Great stuff! Cool style overall from load_error!
Nice, a bit too repetitive.
I do not like snare sound, style is excellent, still repetetive. Maybe you should try adding soem sample vocals.
Naa, this is more anoying than creative, technically advanced, you know your stuff
Dark, gritty and sinister - perfect mood for this tune. Its repeptitive nature is a bit annoying, indeed, but I take that as an artistic choice, because being annoyed by a tune is better than not feeling anything. Stirs up the emotions for sure.
Lacks a LOT of inspiration for my taste! It's just the drum-loop all the time. That's not _that_ creative in the end...
I can tell the beat is made from scratch and not actual sample of FireStarter. This track makes me want to Play the Last Ninja games and thats saying something since I"m not an actuall fan of Last Ninja or any of the tunes. Excellent rendition.
This must be one of the more "normal" songs from load_error ;)
If that loop isn't Firestarter-esque, then what is? It's growing on me with every listen and deserves a second listen.
Dark and dirty, just like the feeling you have when walking through Central Park, dressed in a Ninja suit and chased by policemen and evil Samurai Warriors, while being full of fear and anger. Great atmosphere! Added to my collection.
Yeah - I like it... It's Firestarter styled, but homebrew. Repetitive? OK, yes, but I still quite enjoyed it. Nice work!

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