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Slaygon - Driller (Impendeo Capitulus I)

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I got inspired by Elwood's version of Driller, but didn't think it was menacing enough, so I had a stab at making it slightly more... foreboding. I also wanted to get a tempo to it quicker than the original. It's still in the exact same tempo as the original SID though. I thought it might feel like it would be struggling against itself, but with the end result at hand, I don't think it does.

Hope you enjoy anyway, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And thank you for your support this year!

Love you all!

Our beloved leader has done it this time! Seriously loving this remix of Matt Gray's amazing SID.
Great remix of a great SID!
Awesomeeee! I love the feeling I get... Dark and scary, like something is going to happen...
I love the eery feel of this remix, absolutely brilliant! Also one of the best intros ever ;)
I love it, dark, energetic, would be even better if there were some FX's. Love that snare pitch.
Its really good but Rob Steptoes is still my favourite :)
Not Bad.
Very good remix. Thumbs up!
THE definitive driller remake. Nothing more need be said.
Very good
Energetic! With a brilliant power curve.!
Fuckin' awesome! You guys REALLY give me a hard time considering ROTY...
Sounds like some big machine is doing some heavy work in a hangar or something. Great remix!
Oh... My... God. Madness? THIS! IS! DRILLER! No seriously, this IS Driller! More so than the original! What a blast! Loving it.
THATs a fantastic remix of Driller! Awesome Slaygon!:)
It's a very hard track to remix, but Slaygon has done a very good job.
The dystopian industrial feeling is definitely in it. This tune would be great for some old John Carpenter movie. It is a bit monotone, though, I feel there should be more variation on the theme.
Meaty! High production quality.. Very cool.
Good associations here. It reminds me of the Deux Ex soundtrack.
I'm not always sold on Slaygon's mixes, although I think they are good, they usually don't do anything for me, this one and the one he did with Reyn are exceptions!
Great atmosphere! I like those heavy, dark electronic sounds, gives a threatening feel to it.
Man this is fantastic. Brings back some mad memories of a childhood youth. Keep it up.
Hands down. Just awesome. Like the dark vibe.
Yes yes yes! I love this remix!
Great Driller remix :-)
Oh... Totally missed this one. Super-production of Hr. Slagge!
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Simply loaded with atmosphere, this is exactly what driller should sound like.. For a repetitive tune, this has cleverly been arranged to offer something new at each turn, ensuring it never sounds stale. I love the opening sound, which always puts me in mind of the tripods from war of the worlds. The drums stay fresh and mixing them up /making additions to the beat drive the mix along. Its fantastic.