Chronberg - Bomb Jack subtune 6 (violin version)

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Did Drängarna make a C64 remix? Only complaint I have is that the drum beat gets seriously boring!
Shake it like a white girl! Things haven't been this funky since DJLizard's Chilly Willy mix. Now get Mark King and Vanessa-Mae to do a live version.
Bouncy. Funny. Entertaining. Nice one :D
HAHA!!!! I'm really liking this Chronblom. Did a cool mix of Wizball and this is soooo cool too. GREAT STUFF!! It's great to hear a new talent coming through. Can't wait for more
Oh yes.... Very nice! Clean remix here with some funky organ work! Shame about the drums just repeating..
There's lots of funky beats and bass, expertly mixed with lashings of lovely violin. Not quite red, but it's very good nonetheless.
Good arrangement if it lasted only 1 minute. Very funky and amusing. But there are too few variations (xpecially drums), so it gets boring very soon. Imho "plastic" master, too much reverb on hats. Otherwise a good work.
This is cheesy stuff! (Well I think it's supposed to be) Reminds me of these tasteless classic-pop 80ties productions.
Heh... Its short but I actually like this alot... Great great stuff
I like it since first note!
Rondo Veniziano with a twist? Should have been shorter to avoid being so repetitious.
Mmmm, can't say I like the violin sample.. In fact it kinda ruins it for me... Did someone mention VMae? Shoot him...
Chronblom, I hate you! This is miles better than my version!
A bit more variety and I would be well happy, but it hasn't so I'm not :)
Really nice arrangements.. Except for said drum patterns which _are_ repetitive :)
Makes me lough, makes me feel happy. If the drums have more variation it would got the red one.
Hahaha!! Very cool!! :-) sooo... Oehm.... Happy!! :-DDD Very well done!! Caught a perfect feeling of the game-original!
Very upbeat, great rhythm, can't get it out of my head! The violin and flute leads could sound better, but otherwise, this really rox!
I really liked the violins, something a bit different. Great.
Sounds old-fashioned, like some end-90's Abbott stuff. Great! Added to my collection.
Very nice tune

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