Lagerfeldt - Robotdreams (feat. Paranoid Android)

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Lagerfeldt Remixer
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Im bored, ive heard this style too many times now
Slick and professional, as per usual, but I'm getting slightly concerned about the lack of variety here.
Cute, but nothing more. Always top production though as expected
Yet another professionally done remix by Lagerfeldt, not exactly my kind of music but still appreciate this remix a lot.
Really amazing...
Wow. Somehow, it kind of reminds me about the Mahoney&Kaktus music-disks..
Good backing tune.. But I hate that bloody voice.. Spoils it.
Very original and good arranged.
Thanks for another nice Remix. It's a bit more clean synth-style this time. You're a big asset to the 64-remix community. Always nice to hear your stuff, and got to give you credit for the witty vocals. Vejen at gå! - som hiphopperne ville si
Knocking Lagerfeldt is cool, no hang on Lagerfeldt's music is cool.
Very innovativ and creativ
Its not the best, he could do much better than that if he would. But its okay track though
No matter what other people say about the vocals, I just love them. They spice up the otherwise not-too-innovative track.
Funny :-) orange is well earned :-)
Love that robot voice! A superb dance mix with a sense of humour thrown in. An early contender for Remix Of The Year.
A very interesting tune. Especially the mixing at the start. Very good for it's style. Some really fun parts. Like when the vocal loops until you run out of air yourself trying to breathe for him.
I don't vote "outstanding" often, but this remix deserves it: it has a perfect balance of everything: singing, right instruments, mixing, etc. Awesome!
Just love this, really nice tune done with a real sense of humour and such a good mix
Very well done. I like these vocals!
Nice thing, like the funny voice, it is not so serious like many songs.
Cool singing, great track.
Great style! I feel sympathy for this poor little Paranoid Android.:-)
Everyone that voted less than orange for this tune, please take another listen!! It's melodic, it has perfect quality, it's funny and it's arranged extremely well!
Can't help falling in love with that voice
This is one of a few songs that got my in to C64 remix music and for that it will always be one of my favs.

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