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Reyn Ouwehand
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I am liking moog's style - very much jazz funk and really easy to listen to. Well produced and masterd but again not enough variety on the original SID
Not so keen on the piano, but otherwise good work. A bit of a change from that Sanxion he did ages ago which I ripped ;-)
Fantastic ambience, flawless production. And sooo moody.:)
It's very good, but there's just something missing for me. Maybe it's because I'm so attached emotionally to Reyn's original SID, but the production is fine and clean. It just lacks emotion a little bit.
Smoooooth! Not flawless, but I like it so much I'm willing to forgive.;)
So mellow man, the tune just passes thru you without the need to listen hard
Wow! Man, you are starting to scare me a bit now!! This is the 3rd one in a row here now from you which definitly shows heavy style and knowledge!! :-) Really, really great! Looking forward to see more in the future hopefully! The new rko-star?!;-)
Am I liking this? Oh yeah!:)
I guess I get used to orange...;-)
Great choice of tune (although it has no nostalgia appeal) and great adaption!
This is simply incredible.
You have quite a standard with your pieces, now it would be interesting to hear something a lot more daring.
Lovely! Excellent atmosphere, solid instruments, solid sound.
Played this on a third date. It worked! So it has to be a red in the bed score!:)
Funky in a laid-back way. Very creative.
*Melting* :-P
I´m beginning to love moogs tracks. Each on seems to be another masterpiece. This one would be very great for an cinematic C65 comercial in 2007 :-)
Strange how moog's songs always remind me of another song. This one reminds me of "Dream within a dream" from the 1985 "Propaganda" album "A secret wish". Not flawless??? It's perfect! Added to my collection.
Great atmospheric remix of a wonderfull SID..
Wow - almost makes me cry! It's *that* emotional! Bloody great!
Great work moog! Your best remix by a mile!
Suuuuch a nice vibe.... Thanks for remixing it Sebastian!
Very nice track, that wham sound is too hard or too loud for me
This is remix. Full of soul.
Another great tune
This was one of my favorite remixes at that time. Great stuff!
The original has been haunting me for a while, in a good mean. This excellent rendition is really close to the feel what I always had in mind.
This is truly flawless! Underrated tune. Sublime track, and carries a lot of atmosphere and mood!
Really great!
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Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I really like the original SID by Reyn, it's so emotional, so powerful. So, I was looking forward to this remix.

In short: I really like it! The ethno-ambient mood is set from the first note, although I would've prefered a more washed-out piano in the intro. The pulsing, always moving base is lovely. I am a bit disappointed by the muffled lead, in fact, the only reason this remix is not getting the highest rating from me is because of that lead. A Yamaha CS-80 would work perfectly here, hint-hint. ;)

But in every regard this remix is as close to perfection as possible, it really carries forward the emotional power of the original. And it's also of perfect length: it doesn't drag on, nor is it too short to get us in the mood. Or, shall I say, in the "moog"...