To be on top (subtune 2)

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Arranged by:
Composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
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I'm not sure what style this is but I LOVE IT. STOMP STOMP STOMP!
Goosebump alert for the intro. Killer remix!
Love the organic type drums in there, makes me go chugga chugga along with them and a sweet sounding lead to boot
Very complex arrangement very well done.
I really love the effort put into this, it has atmosphere, it has feeling, it has plenty of nice touches, and when those drums kick in it just feels so right. Excellent work!
This sounds like Nik Kershaw or Howard Jones in their most synthy days, y'know.
This is what it sounds like to be on top!
I'm not quite that enthusiatic about it. It's a very nice arrangment.
Ah, love the way this one is put together, very calming! Well done!
Ho hum....
For me it's a good remix. Not more but also not less!
Quite poor mix
Fresh new remix! I love Huelsbeck anyway, so this is pure heaven! Complex and great use of layering.
A welcome return for the oj, and what a return it is too.. Really really beautiful.. Not much else you can say about it.
Nice. A bit plain, no real highlights.
Good for technic, that's all
Good remix, wished the original game tune were so powerful.
Interesting chill-out-ish treatment of the otherwise energetic original. Great mixing, great choice of instruments.
Good cool but a bit standard
Very pleasant.
At some points it reminded me to Alan Parsons Project - Lucifer... Nice...
Really cool track...
Doesn't appeal to me, but technically good.

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