Romeo Knight - Future Shock

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Future Shock
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Romeo Knight Veteran
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Future Shock.

Well, this must be the first demo music I ever got to hear in my life. And I have to admit it wasn't love at first sight. But this sid gets stronger and stronger the more you listen to it and every part seems to absolutely make sense how it's put together and arranged. That's why I did a conversion without forcing the remix in any direction - just let the sid work as a song for itself (with the obligatory amount of guitars, of course )
And so you'll find clean guitar, rock guitar, surf guitar, mellow guitar, funk bass, electronic bass, synth pads, sequencer parts, programmed drums, live drums etc. melted together.

Thanx go to Jan for his moral inspiration.😉
And at the bottom a pic of my new studio, where it was recorded.
Future Shock
Another remix of my all-time favorite SID? YES! Bouncy, funky, guitary treatment courtesy of Romeo Knight. And just when you think I've got it figured out it takes off in another direction.
Very good handling of various guitar styles.
Fan-friggin-tastic! (As usual! ) That's all I can say!:)
His best so far. The red one is well earned.
Finally a mix of future shock that does the original justice.. Good work Romeo
Impressive attempt!
I was not a fan of the original SID but this is my idea of a near-perfect remix. PLEASE SIR, CAN I HAVE SOME MORE?
Diverse use of rhythm and instruments. A lot of work has been put into this. Love the guitar solo!!!
Another amazing masterpiece after "Bombo"! You did it Romeo xD!!!!!
THE Romeo Knight, who used to be in Red Sector? If so, welcome back and keep making great music!
Wow, this shines! Simply brilliant, so *much* better than Machinae Supremacy IMHO.
Romeo Knight as we know him! Excellent mixing, tune, choice of instruments. This is what I expect from a good remix plus more!
Fantastic work as always ;)
Great arrangement... Great insturments... Great style! Fresh and funky and fitting... Almost the original well-know SID-feeling here... It was _so_ hard to give it just a 'very good' though! It's soooo close to definitely _outstanding_!!! :-D
Most excellent work this is, great fun and has plenty of nice guitars. Rawk!
Guitars are not my cup of tea, but damn this is full of energy and very well built. RED FACE!
WOW! That one sounds really professional O. O.... But IMHO it could have a bit more expression and it seems to be overly long...!
I have followed romeo knight since his days in red sector, and almost every track that I hear from him presses my buttons, and then I discover his version of future shock, and for me shows just what a talent romeo knight is and always has been, awsome!!!
Amazing!! Great shuffle beat!!
I loved the sid from the first time I heard it when I selected "Future Shock" on the Sanxion Floppy without knowing what it was. If the C64 had real sound capabilities, this is how the tune would have sounded. Excellent stuff.
This masterpiece is a lesson to all of us! Respect!
The SID is pure nostalgia for myself and one reason doing music nowadays. Thanks Eike, you made my day.
Moody & funky! Deserves a red face for it's technicality alone - just had to go look up the original SID after hearing this! Really well done.
At 2:45 it went red,
For some reason, I don't like this one and think it's overrated. "Good" for the professional sound, though.
Can't imagine Future Shock in any other way now! Organic, great arrangement, great instrumentation. Awesome stuff.
Wow, pretty cool :) Nice beat.
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This is very cool! The original SID is a great piece of groovy, funky music and thankfully, this remix stays very true to that spirit. I think the instrument selection is spot on and the arrangement is excellent. Never fails to bring a smile to my face.