Speedball (feat. Patman)

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Speedball (feat. Patman)
Arranged by:
Romeo Knight Veteran
Composed by:
David Whittaker
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Speedball - A tribute to Dimebag Darrell
(though David Whittaker did a good job too ;-))

On December 8th 2004, Dimebag Darrell, former guitarist of Pantera, was shot and killed while performing on stage. 3 other people died in this senseless incident.
On this sad day the world lost one of the greatest guitar players who ever walked the earth. Dimebag influenced a whole generation of metal musicians - including me, Sumppi and Patman.
Actually Sumppi had the idea of producing a tribute remix - he just couldn't participate in the end due to lack of time.
Special thanks to die-hard Pantera fan Patman for his incredible Phil Anselmo vocal acting.
He also played the last solo phrase of this remix (and btw is the vocalist of our band Drown Inc. (www.drowninc.de))

To lift the true spirit to the max I played every single note on a Washburn Dime333 Signature guitar. (minus the acoustic sound in the first few seconds)
The drums have been taken directly from Pantera's Far beyond driven, the guitar sound was modeled with Guitar Rig (that provides a virtual model of Dime's distortion pedal). The overall sound ended up somewhere between FBD and Trendkill, I think.
These are the songs I recited and adapted: Floods/Fucking Hostile/Strength beyond Strength/No good (Attack the radical)/Cowboys from Hell/Psycho Holiday and lots of others I had in mind without actually including them note by note.

R.I.P Dimebag, live forever!
Speedball (feat. Patman)
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Fucking Hostile! I love bicycles! I love Pantera! I love this remix! I love Romeo Knight!
Stonking Rocking Fucking Kicking Mix!
A C64 remix in the style of Pantera's superb "Vulgar Display Of Power" album? This is exactly what you get here. Rock, rock and rock, in that order. And excellent Pantera-esque "vocal" thrown in. By demons, be driven!
Pretty darn GOOD.. Romeo Knight = MetalKing of the scene!! Love the shredding, love the drums, some things I dont love.. But all in all.. GREAT TUNE..
Idea, sound, playing pushed to the limit!! Romeo the king!
Garrghhhhh ill kill you!!! With a badger!!! .. Ahem no seriously this is "THE" speedball remix everyones been waiting for top notch kick ass stuff
Totally incredible!
OUTSTANDING!!! Great Work, Eike!!!
I'm not a Pantera fan, but I think that this is a good work!
Extremely good. I love when there´s audience shouting at guitarsolos! ;D
Heavily overdriven. The metal style ruins the original spirit.
Technically fantastic, it would deserve an outstanding just only for the love and passion in it. But it has much, much more inside too.
Great tune :)
C64 on speedmetal? Couldn't believe it first....
Very nice executed! ALTHOUGH I HATE SPEED/TRASH/HARDCORE etc. METAL!!! ;-) NO way I'll keep this version in my archive though! ;-) But well, taste is different and that's good of course!:-)
Romeo knight, you rock!! :D
Pantera rules!
Absolutely professional production as usual. Although the death metal part is mostly noise to me, I have to admire the merit :D
Ok, now for something different :) Though not the best mix, but well done.
What is that supposed to be??? Drunken too much motor oil? Horribly loud!
You captured the pantera sound and feeling EXCELLENT! I also like the Siuoxsie-like chorus guitars in the beginning.
RRRROOOOOOOAR! Excellent mix of styles ^^
Loud but well done!
R. I. P. Dime \m/, Great playing!
Too much noise!
It was good at the begin but then... Argh!

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