Stefan Poiss - Lightforce ( remix)

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Arranged by:
Stefan Poiss Remixer
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Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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That distorted lead hits some annoying frequencies, which bumps the over all impression down quite a bit.
I like it a lot! One of the better Lightforce-remixes around!
My first thought were 'not another Lightforce remix' but this one I like.
Oh thats a great tune. The end of the track is my favourite part
At first I thought this was awfully boring but then towards the end it started living and flying really nicely.
Wow, it fades out just when it was getting good! The last part of this remix is awesome. The rest is oh-kay. The distorted lead is especially annoying.
I like it a lot - the weird lead sounds a little wonky at times, but it lends a decent 'every 6581 is slightly different' slant to it like a real 64 :)
I'd have rated it higher but that distorted lead somewhat spoils it a bit - shame really because the feel of the tune is there.
A perfect remix!:)
The distortion is too strong, but the tune is still good imo.
Brilliantly remixed!
I didn't like the first 1:30 or so, but after that, it makes up and gets more and more interesting to the end :)
A really good and fresh sounding take on Lightforce, which builds up nicely towards the end. The distortion was not at all disturbing to my ears, it made the song all the more interesting.
So so good
How can someone not like this?
Lovelly work - the longer it gets the better - but main lead is a problem but this is hauntingly like the original which is one of the most underatted sids
One of the best sounding remixes of Lightforce
Oh my god, it starts so good, catches the mood perfectly and then the wrong arpeggios... ARRRGH!
I like the beginning and the end of the mix. After 2:20 its hard to hear ;)
Superb production. Love the end part as well, great stuff.
Very good, very clean sounding, good mix.
I really really really like this, the distorted stuff, over reverberation, the missing notes.. Makes it feel all warm and lovely to me. Best lightforce 1:1 so far in my eyes.
Ouch! The wrong chords in the arpeggio lead hurt so much! Gotta stop listening after only 2 minutes!
Quite possibly the best rendition of legendary tune. Exceptional work!
This has really grown on me, yes it has a few problems but overall I think it's an excellent remix.
I love it. But then again I love most Lightforce remixes and I think there should be more of them ;). This one stands out because of the fresh ideas, a little too much distortion, but I love the weird. Allister Brimble's doesn't hold a candle to Rauli's ;
The wrong chords in the first part are painful to hear and the occasional wrong notes here and there drop this otherwise exeptionally good remix from my playlist.
Very good remix, nice rich bass and sounds - a few times to fat an rich - a lightle bit tighter it would be a even better! But as said before: good work!
When making a remake of this tune, you should be able to make it great, as the original is one of the best. So messing it up like this is unncessary. Shame on you!;)
Beat it on... :) Vry good cover. Congrats
Okay, so the arpeggios are not quite the same and sometimes the notes are bridged and not all present... It still sounds great, and hello, it's alright to mix things up a bit! Which is part of the whole point of remixing...
This track is so lovely deep minded, every time I hear it I get a bumpy condition of my skin from the head to my legs. I really really love it :) Best Lightforce remix around since the one from Allister Brimble.
Very nice, I like the subtle guitar
Great rendition of a great song!
Great, nuff said.
This is one of the best Lightforce remixes that keeps some of the original atmosphere alive. There are some smaller issues in the song, but many excellent items. Some sounds are particularly good for the song
I played lightforce stacks, this is outstanding, perfect.
Despite some details have already been mentioned, it's a nice piece of work. I really like the atmosphere.
I really like what you did here!
The final part blows my mind into pieces.
Rather two dimensional the background beat dulls the flow, I just aint feelin it. Fairly solid entry.
The best lightforce remix of them all, it has what very few of the others have, the driving bassline and drums which is the essence of Hubbards masterpiece.
Nice job!
At first the lead after 2:24 hurt in my ears too, but after a few listenings that marvelously went away. Amazingly driving remix, awe-inspiring last part. Regular guest in my playlist.
Mordi, you are some kind of god!
Amazing version of this Hubbard classic. Slightly offput by the incorrecty arps, you soon forgive and forget when you realise that otherwise its a masterpiece. Brilliant!
This is one of my favourite interpretations of this awesome tune. I think the melody is a little too overdriven but it's only a small niggle.
Great remix!
Wow, this is the best remix. Manages to Improve the beautiful-already original.
This is awesome, I love it. That being said, I think it would shine a lot more with less distorsion and better mastering. Great job!
I really like the compact sound and deep drums
Solid remix
Probably my favourite Lightforce remix. I own the album so I prob hear this version more than most!
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