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We approached the remixing of David Whittaker's Trantor after working together on Nemesis The Warlock for the Remix64 v1 CD. The collaboration started out great, so we scheduled an XMas 2002 release. Everytime we were returning to the tune, we made great progress - but most of the time the file resided untouched on either of our harddrives. So XMas 2002 passed, and each year we planned on releasing it next XMas. Since it didn't happen again, this turned into an in-joke between us. 😃

Eventually we managed to complete it anyway, and we're quite happy with the result. Enjoy! 😃


Cartoon Trantor (c) Rolf Boyke

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Well thought out and constructed. Sounds like it should be on some tv sci-fi end credits
Mmmmmm-me likes!
This is exactly how I thought a Trantor remix should sound - the original Spectrum tune always had that something musically...
Someone needs to put this in the middle of a CSI episide while they're sorting evidence, it just has atmosphere and plenty of faithfulness to the original along the way. Edgy, electronic and varied too. Result!
I don´t like the choice of the sounds. Don´t fit together. Breakbeat, Piano, some jazzy atmosphere? No Way :(
Very good indeed! Nice intro, lots of changes and ideas.
About time this great tune got a 2nd remix and im glad that the 2 people that did it.. Did it.. Absolutely awesome stuff :D
Great remix, good work Wobbler & LMan... Smooth collection of sounds and the samples also fits into the tune!!!
Surely well executed... Nice ideas, instruments and arrangement in general.
Stylish... It does not fit.... I can't share the enthusiasm of the crowd... Where is the fad-out at the end, btw?
Very well produced and totally mellow. Not my favourite by LMan tho
Good remix! But the tune is a bit lost in all the turns. I kind of miss a concept here...
Fantastic arrangement. Mastering lacks some basses imho. Beside that, great tune. Reminds me of Parasite Eve soundtrack, wich is good :)
Great tune.. Really nice sounds..
It´s ok
Solid remix, but is a bit too messy sometimes. All in all a well done Trantor remix.
Classic, somehow! High recognition value. And mellow.
Good, strong passages, but: "Sry, not dangerous enough. " ;o)
It's over three years old when I write this, and it's still a great remix!
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Great sounds.. Also nice vocal parts..
I really like the overall feel of this track.
The intro is a bit aprart from the rest of the tune though.