DJ Mitch - Cauldron (Hexenkche Walpurgisnacht HardTance Mix)

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Cauldron (Hexenkche Walpurgisnacht HardTance Mix)
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DJ Mitch Remixer
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Cauldron (Hexenküche Walpurgisnacht HardTrance Mix)

Remix of the Commodore C64 Game Cauldron.
In Germany it was released under the name Hexenküche. There is a night in Germany, where all witches comes together to celebrate a big witch party. Full of Magic and dark energy. This night is called Walpurgisnacht. It's the same date as Halloween so maybe you recognize some melody in the track.😉
This is my second C64 Remix!

Very Nice!, I especially love the "halloween" influenced bit, the whole tune is very well woven into the dance beats and some gorgeous use of instruments in parts
This is VERY good. Love the witches cackles and the use of haunting effects which are used modestly. A little on the over long side though
Wow, that is real Clubstyle!
Probably the best dance tune released on this site this year.. Very well constructed and enjoyable to listen too
Very Good trance remix
This is a really good clubby dance tune! Well constructed and the witch sounds really enhance it. I'm impressed!
Lmao ;-)
I like dance music, and I like trance when it's not cheesy, and this is not cheesy, but it's an average hardtrance tune. Nice one tho.
Very nicely done :-)
I was definitely expecting this to be a lot harder with the word "hard" in the title, but still nicely done.
A good tune. It's well done though it's a bit long. But all in all a worthy remake.
I love trance and you did a great job with this
Promising start but gets a bit dull - the same part in variations over and over again!
Your average german techno with the addition of a good idea not perfectly accomplished.
Very funny, more of them please!
I don't love this music, but this is not bad
Simply a great remake!
Mike Meyers meets Cauldron. A great idea and a great work!
You just gotta love that witch ;) and the woman scream is a lovely addition. Oh and the song is great!
Very Good!
A brilliant blending of two tunes and a great atmosphere.
I wish I could download this!
This one's trying to sound scary. A little childish with the witches and the wolves, and the grave-opening sound, but aside from that the dark and cold atmosphere is good. Added to my Halloween mix.
Excellent stuff mate
Awesome track. I love good trance music, and this one is one of my alltime favourites. Excellent work, DJ Mitch.
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Personally I found the original SID of this piece kinda boring - it was the same tune over and over and really unless you are playing a game that gets repeative very quickly.

Now I also am not a great techno fan, but this was just a neat little piece that takes the original song and... does something interesting with it.

I know a few people feel that techno is the "cheats way out of doing a remix" I on the other hand take each piece as a extension of the creators interest in the piece. This techno remake of the original in fact improves on a very boring original piece in my opinion.

The only argument I could have about this remix is it does run into the same problem that the original does - the original tune by itself just isn't enough to grasp hold of someone's attention long enough - there needed to be... "more" a break even created totally from scarch and added to improve the over all piece because after about 6 minutes of this tune... you start to wish the Witch just killed everyone

But overall a good remix of the original -