Body Slam

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Body Slam
Arranged by:
Romeo Knight Veteran
Composed by:
Tim Follin
All-Time charts position:
My 5th remix.
Tim Follin is one of the few old school composers who managed to not only put drums into their tunes but even established real grooves (listen to Bionic Commando for another example).
This is what made me do this remix.

Special credits go to the main Bongo-Man Stefan Korff, percussionist, who slapped his phunkee bongos to this shuffle beat for me in the studio.
(The photo btw is real. )

Thanks also go to my colleague Tim, who lent me his ugly ugly Samick-Bass (but it has that J-Pickup I needed for the sound)
All guitar and bass parts were recorded using Guitar Rig this time.

Have fun!
Body Slam
Toe tapping, finger strumming lovin piece. Excellent choice of instruments, just something I cant put my finger on tho that would make it outstanding
Pretty nice, this. Sort of a cross between 1970s prog (check the organs out! ) and a police cop series. Nice use of electric guitar too, and works very well.
Groovy & funky.... You can smell 'Starsky & Hutch'....;-)
Nice sense of humour! 1970s cop show jam music
I do hate the 70's but this is great!
Sexy styleee.... Relaxed... Laid back... And funky in a mellow way! Great remix... Gets the rhythmn into your feet and body... :-DD
Extremely funky, and professional to the max. Just can't find any damn thing wrong with this. :D
Romeo does it again ;-) clear crisp sound, great funky sound!
I use this remix for FlatOut-Game as Title!!
The 70ies aren't really my area of expertise ;-) but I really liked the mix.. This is one funky hell of a mix :-)
Wow! Wowow! That's fun and funky, with great melodies. Fresh.
Not my style, but very well done.
Quite some musical skills displayed here, but not my cup of tea!
The original was pretty groovy to begin with, this improves on it greatly. Organic arrangement, great stuff!
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Great stuff, very funky & groovy! Remembers me the days playing Interstate'76 like hell! Maybe RK got otherwise inspired by Robbie, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt (or the cover from Frank Popp Ensemble), a german 70s tv-series?!