Tokafondo - Parallax unplugged

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I think Tokafondo is playing this entirely live and it is very clever! I wish I could play an instrument like that! STRUMMY STRUM-STRUM STRUM!
Asked Tokafondo about this, and yes - the guitar section is indeed a live recording. Splendid stuff.
Now that the flute's gone from the last attempt Tokafondo made, it sounds much better. Lots of nice guitar and plenty of feel and emotion in them too. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best if executed well, and this is one of them.
Very good idea. Good sound. But those little timing problems...
Maybe you should try to tune your guitar before recording next time. :D What is it with people and seventies style camp fire guitar here?
Some notes out of context... Kwed ears are somehow damaged :)
It becomes very beautiful when the melody finally is played in two octaves. Simple and nice!
Is not a Segovia's song, but always not bad
Just guitar - cool. :-) Very, very nice idea. But there is also room for improvement (feature reauest ;-): Better recording quality and a perfectly tuned guitar (guitar sounds out-of tune on some strums)
Would have been an orange one, if the performance (and tuning) would have been better
Good idea! Next time put in an aucustic bass and maybe a drum.
Some soft background drums or drone would've helped here, but WOW! What great guitar playing!
Lovely attempt, the melody parts could have been a bit tighter, and your tuning is off in places (-) warped guitar neck? Well done regardless.
A fine effort, but the out of tune strums really spoil it
A verry fitting arangement of nice 'spanish' guitar sounds.. Not my normal 'flavour' but a damn great performance.
All I can say is YOU trying playing a guitar as good as this with a melody like Parallax!! Armchair strummers if you ask me!:)!
Arrgh! Guitar completely out of tune! Very nice arrangement, but the awful execution ruins it for me.
Beautiful. The closeness of the recording and the slightly out of tune strings give it an intimate feeling, very fragile and lovely.
Pleeeeease redo it with a tuned guitar. It's really good, ... That is, at least, it could be.
LaLa, I disagree. This was made fror a spannish guitar! And only that!
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A nice idea, and an impressive guitar play. A better tuning of the guitar, a better microphone and this would earn an "Outstanding".