The C64Mafia - Paperboy (So you don't like rap music)

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Arranged by:
The C64Mafia Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Mark Cooksey
All-Time charts position:

Idea, arrangement, mixing, master: dhs of tsw

German rap, additional guitars: Romeo Knight

Swedish rap: Makke


From our heart to those morons (yes, they know who they are)


German Lyrics (1st part)


Bass - how low can you go
it can't go lower than a Slayradio show

(once again in german!)

Bass - wie tief kannst Du gehen
ich krieg nen Hass muß ich mir Shouts von Dir ansehen

Du hast keine Ahnung, Du sagst rappen kann doch jeder
Doch hier ist meine Warnung, ich bin das Ding auf einer Feder

und ich hüpf auf Deinen Kopf wie'n italienischer Rohrverleger
Du bist Sachsenpaule und ich bin der Hardcore-Neger

Das ist mir zu hart, ich mag es gerne schmusig
Oh, did I say I don't like rap music?!

Doch was Du selber hochlädst ist nur Schund und Dreck,
Du bist der Hund, ich tret den Hund weg

Beim Sound bist du der Spectrum, klingst noch scheisser als ne Tröte
drum zeig ich dir mein Rektum, ab nach Haus und spiel Blockflöte.


Swedish Lyrics (2nd part)


As – hur lågt kan du gå?
Din åsikt ligger redan under limboribbs-nivå

Du har ingen aning, säger rappa det kan alla
Jag känner som gubben i Rumble att jag någon måste skalla

Och denna någon, det är du. Lystring, lyssna nu!
Du kommer att bli nördpuré, efter att ha huggits mitt i tu

Men va' nu inte sån. Jag gillar ju Celine Dion!
Usch! Mina slag kommer dundra I takt till The Beat Goes On 

Och din musik! Vad är det för jävla spex?
Och hur kommer det sig att du kallar dig Dj Perplex?

Och snackar vi ljud är jag SID och du är NES
Jag är Satan själv och du en satans




Bass - how low can you go?
it can't go lower than a Slayradio show

(once again in german!)

Bass - how low can you go
I get hatred when read some shouts by you

You don't have a clue, you say anyone can rap
But here is my warning cos I'm Thing on a Spring

and I jump onto your head like an italian plumber
you are Sachsenpaule and I'm the hardcore nigger.

That's too heavy for me, I like the cuddly style
Oh, did I say I don't like rap music?!

However, what you're uploading is junk and crap
you are the dog, and I kick the dog's ass

Regarding sound you are a Spectrum, worse sounding than a hooter
that's why I show you my ass, now go home and play the recorder.


Bastard - how low can you go?
Your opinion is already under limbo stick level

You have no clue, saying 'everyone can rap'
I feel like the guy in Rumble that I have to head-butt someone

And that someone is you. Pay attention, listen up!
You'll be turned in to nerd purée after you've been cut in two

Don't be like that. I like Celine Dion!
Yuk! My punches will hit in pace with The Beat Goes On

And you music!  What kind of nonsense is that?
And how come you call yourself Dj Perplex?

If we're talking sound I am SID and you're NES
I am Satan himself and you're a fucking wimp

Vote distribution
I wish I understood the rap but still another fabulous C64Mafia release! GENIUS!
LOL! Nice one!
Now this is a massive hit!^^
Einfach nur geil!!! :D commodoremuseum: You really start to get annoying...:(
As always - The C64Mafia brings an excellent production with some creative thinking to the community! Thank you!
Once again the C64 Mafia tells it like it is, sticking it to anyone narrow-minded enough to dislike any musical genre on nothing but principle. Musically, the Paperboy track is beautifully rendered, and fits the flow perfectly.
Don Peppino and the rest of da Mob - You rule!
Like it but not really outstanding for me
Fantastic soundtrack. In german einfach nur geil das Teil!!
I am not a fan of rap, but honestly, that was pretty good and fits the paperboy tune really well (just a shame I can't actually understand 90% of it - but there are translations above :) )
Oh my, awesome times two!
If you can't beat them - join them!
Total abgefahren :) Nice one, really had me laughing there.
Once again a nice tune in the background, but ruined by the same old talking that's been heard billions of times before.
HA-HA! Das ist einfach genial und fantastisch!!!
Makke jag alskar dig. Makke Ich liebe Dich. Makke I love you.
Great remix! Nice idea with that multi-language. More Rap-Remixes pls :D
The mafia return and are rapping in german? .. Awesome lol
Three of my Favs do it!!!
At least it sounds like you had a lot of fun making this
Now that's originality! ... Makke - The Paperboy Who Shagged Me ;)
Cuts are barely ok, damn hot beat, nice flow on the mic and real funny use of the paperboy theme hahahah.. Nice work, this enriches remix64 soooooooo massively-- thank you I like rap :P
It's been toooo long since the Mafia released something... This is fekin brilliant!:)
Well... I do understand the rap but that does not make things better. This one could be sooo good without the rap and scratching.
FINALLY a _very_ cool PAPERBOY remix again! So it IS possible as you all can see here! THANKS A LOT FOR THAT ONE! And a real FUNNY one, too! :-D
Great mix... I love the acid type lead sound.. Top mixing by MR UNZ.....
Funny remix. Even better if you can speak german (did they say actually Sachsen-Paule?) :-)
The C64Mafia does it again! Though not perfect, it's originality really earns an Outstanding mark. This proves that you don't have to be 100% faithful to the song to make a really good remake! More, more!
Rap and German or Swedish language don't fit IMHO
Geil! X-D
Amazing! Whoa! :D
I don't think this is meant to be taken very seriously. Amazing production.
Ah rap - the choice of the failed singer.
I don't normally listen to rap music (kinda like the girl in the song :p) but this shit is downright awesome! :D The paperboy theme is great material for a rap song. The Swedish lyrics are a bit lame, though. (yes, I'm Swedish)
Genious. Sheer genious.
Erinnert so ein bisschen an die peinlichen frühen Werke von Fanta 4! Aber cool gemacht!
Still makes me laugh - and I love the concept.

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