Romeo Knight - Bombo (Tune 1)

Track info
Bombo (Tune 1)
Arranged by:
Romeo Knight Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Ben Daglish
All-Time charts position:
This is Bombo (Tune 1), also known as Bombo - The City.
Thank you Ben Daglish for the original sid, wich has one of the most
appealing chord schemes ever and a melody we call in germany simply "Ohrwurm" (catchy catchy catchy tune) .
(Btw Ben used exactly the same chords in Biggles, so he must have liked them too)

Like always I used lotsa guitars - a cheap Ibanez acoustic and my baby, a quite rare Ibanez P-II,
on wich you can have a closer look here - and for the rest Reaktor, Sampletank2 free and some FL-samples.
Sorry for the ending, but this tune is still called Bombo! ;-)
This is a good effort, even if the intro sounds a bit odd compared to the rest of the piece. If Reyn hadn't raised the bar with his version, this'd have been a "very good" from me.
Liked it very much! Sounds like Manu Chao steals the show at 3:13 ;)
I usually dislike Romeo Knight's style, but this one is a good piece, not only a shapeless noise. Good work!
Romeo Knight strikes again... Great work, esp. That ska part from 3:13 upwards...
I thought the intro worked extremely well, great production work too!
A good remix.. Only marked down because its not really my thing.. But credit given where credit is definetly due.. Keep this up n I might turn ;-) hehe
One of Romeo's better tunes IMO.
Great idea for intro
Hell yes!
As expected this one goes for the top!
Wow! What a blast cool version! Another great remix of that cool catchy old game-track! (Btw: If you like this.. U have to make sure to listen to Reyn Ouwehand's version available on his 'Nexus II' CD / c64audio. Com!! You will surely _kill_ yourself! ;-D
Rock'n'fuckin'roll. Blows you away. And has a funny intro, too. :D
Not bad!
Amazing intro! Worth the ticket price alone
Very good, lot's of energy and variation of styles throughout the music
Just Godlike!!!!!!!!
Intro is exellent, guitars are great and sound great
It's a cool and bouncy I love this!
This is what a C64 remix is supposed to be like. Very creative, while keeping the spirit of the original! Outstanding!
Amazing from the start... On of the remixes I listened the most.
Solid remix, professional sound, but doesn't touch me in any way. Timing and accuracy issues here and there in the lead guitar!
This is one of the first tunes that got me so excited o be on Remix64. It was one of the first remakes that wasn't TECHNO! The tune really captured the Carribean feel well and good choice of instruments.
Nice to hear this Bombo-mix. Good work!!!!:)
Absolutely outstanding. Always improves my mood
Solid work. The composition is very good although the original song doesn't have what it takes to make me go "Wow! ". But there's nothing to complain about.
This is the best C64 remix I've ever heard. This song is very like Joe Satriani's melodic instrumental guitar music(one of the worlds best guitar players). And it still catch the atmosphere of the very good Bombo song on the good ol' C64 :)
It rocks like hell. Stunning guitar play. One of the very, very best.
One of the best remixes on this site! Wonderful guitar playing and lovely intro, well done.
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Nice touch with the opening: as people gather around a campfire, somebody starts playing Bombo tune 1 on the guitar. Then a sudden (too sudden) switch to studio production with wonderful, wonderful guitar playing. When the drums come in, it becomes an even better piece: it's groovy with the melodic chord structures of the original intact.

The last 60 seconds of the tune... Well, let's chalk it up for artistic expression. But I think that ending it with the same around-the-campfire feeling would've been better.

All in all, a very impressive piece, I really like it!