Mixer - Nemesis the Warlock

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Mixer Veteran
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Rob Hubbard
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Actually I 've had an orchestral Nemesis the Warlock on the way for years. I was actually working on it for fun, when something just snapped in my head and things begun sounding.... different. It started with a Romeo and Juliet (classical piece - sanxion, remember?) kind of remake, but ended up this. All fake instruments, no real players were harmed. Could use better mixing also.
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Where'd he get that Big Band? Genious.
One word: "Whoa!"
Wonderfully original!
This is nothing short of pure genius! I've been wanting to make this kind of remix for ages, now I don't have to. Mixer beat me to it, and did it a whole lot better than I ever could! Brilliant!
Seems to me that many of the remixers who started life as SID composers do the best remixes. Here is another case in point. This not only is a different take, but it sounds fantastic the way it's done. A contender for best remix of 2006. Listen. Now.
For me, easier to admire than love. I wonder what a big band fanatic who knew nothing about C64s would think...?
Pure aural pleasure treatment that easily leads up to an exstatic eargasm galore... Top notch! Not my cup of tea, but it's just TOO good to NOT put a red on this one.
Fantastically original, I want this one performed live!
I agree this is such a lovely remix and excellently produced. However, the fake sax just ruins it slightly for me..
Awesome!!! The Sax, the Brushed drum sounds.... Very Live sounding like I'm at a Jazz Club!! Sweet!!
It's really great (especially the spatial atmosphere) but misses some highlights. And I have to agree with Skitz a bit.
Really great work on this one!! The bad mixing you talk about only gives it somewhat more of a realistic and Live-ish feel to the song!! Great work
Sounds like the Pink Panther - but STUNNING - yes the mixing problems make it sound live and perhaps this only enhances. It gets top marks for ORIGINALITY - and it is a class tune.
Awesome tune, I love every bit of it!
I love everything except that saxophone-sound which I find quite annoying & misplaced. A flute could have worked better.
Very LIVE feeling. Very different take on ol' Nemesis. Love it!
I should be sitting in a french cafe by a river, smoking cigarettes in black and white when listening to this. Very noir, but oddly magical in places too.
Hah, I just wanted to say that intro really remindes me to Sergei Prokofiev's Montagues & Capulets... Then I saw your comment :) Excellent in every point. But, it would have been so much better if it was darker (just like prokofiev's piece).
Original and well done. Although I can't quite enjoy the soundscape here. Not something you hear everyday on kwed.:)
This is one of the more original remixes I heard for awhile, just great :D
Wtf's going on here? Absolutely BRILLIANT it sounds like a real band.. There are no words do describe how awe inspiring this is.
It's so easy, magical and all with fake instruments? Mixer, you're a genious muvvafokker!
Now this is the sort of music that I always long to hear. I've heard several hundreds of remixes and this one is the best there is! No kidding, this one plain rocks!
Superb, very creative take on this beloved tune!
I love the authentic feel of the drums - but unfortunately the sax....
Very, very good. Now go ask Shirley Bassey and Leonard Cohen if they would do a duet to it.
Wow, everything just blends together beautifully. Great work Mixer.
Very original approach and a nice jazz bar feel! My only objection is that it gets a bit repetitive.
Must agree the sax ruins an outstanding contribution....
This is great, and I want to love it more, but it just SO needs a live sax to make it the most gorgeous remix ever. Perhaps notate the arrangement and get a live band to play it! That would be simply magical and something you should definately consider.
Very good arr, very good samples except saxophone
Just outstanding!
Not so good swing for idea and fake sax
Arrangment, production is brilliant. Why's everyone complainig about the sax? This is not my cup of tea at all though.
Hubbard's dark epic, made jolly with an awful sax.
Too much noise, reverber and fake orchestra
Love the production. A bit dirty and smoky jazz club feeling. WOOt!
Good stuff but not exceptional
"Good" for the abient swing sounds, but "Poor" for the lead sounds - all of them! Makes an average of "Average".;-)
Great jazzy arrangement, but that sax - I find it nauseating. It's just too fake, too over-the-top, too much. I have no problems with the rest, though.
Although the sax sample does really sound awkward at times, this tune still captures that smoky jazz club feeling which I like, like someone mentioned would be one of the best if was redone with real lead instruments.
Mmh, there's something in it that does not make me want to listen to it again, still would have made the Grim Fandango soundtrack easily :)
Well, nice try. But where is the sid feeling in that song? Overall nice work. But the Sax sounds very fake to me and doesn´t fit very well.
O_O... This game, and this song, gave me nightmares and fear of death when I was a child. This song makes all those nasty monsters all cuddly for me! Genious!
Pure Quality from Mixer.
Nice sax
Awesome sound!
A stunning remix and even more so considering its samples and not the real deal.. A real testament to what can be done.
This is just fantastic.

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