Binster - Ghouls And Ghosts Poltergeist Mix

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Arranged by:
Binster Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Tim Follin
All-Time charts position:
Ghouls and Ghosts Poltergeist Mix

Remix completed for the Tim Follin Tribute Remix Project.

EDIT : Big thanks to all the favourable votes and kind words! You guys are ace!
Vote distribution
Disagree, loved this one, starts out a bit tinny but really kicks in, original and inventive, nice one!:)
This kicks ass. Very nice use of SID sounds. Great punch, great atmosphere.
Needs tweeking I agree, but this is just fantastic in a proffesionally arranged way if to so perfect in the production stakes.. Still, its raw but meaningful!
Binster has produced a really nice kick-ass remix here - very much NIN inspired I feel
Sublimey ingenious.
Good, crunchy and strong instruments, very nice!
Really really great!
Follintastic!!!! Lots of originallity in here and also keeping the originals feel.
I really like those twisting between tiny synth-sounding and way harder massive synth-bass and beat-styles in the opposite! This mix really is something different here. Really weird in places and therefore absolutely 'ORANGE' for me! :-D
You know how I feel about this. Nice work.
A great tribute to Follin's work, it's very professionally put together. Great job as usual, Martin! Y'all can join the project here:
Simply great!! Nice sid sounds etc....... Fab..
Woof! So far, so meh, until the bass synths kick you in the mouth and leave you lying dead in the gutter. Yeah, does it for me.
A totally original take on how to do this tune and its frikkin awesome, all the instruments are perfect and I can see what binster was trying to do with this.. And he's pulled it off tremendously.
A great highlight!
At first I thought this was kind of misrated, the first 45 s being somewhat disturbing. Now I've changed my mind completely. Very original and cool.
Great Balance of Orignal vs New an excellent Remix.
I just can't stop listening to it! Great work!!
This is a brilliant example of intelligent mixing, taking simple sounds and layering them into something truely great to listen to. Bravo!
HOLY CRAP!, This is absolutely AWESOME!! Listened about 15 times today, incredible creative, one of my new faves!!! :D
WOW! Way better than my version!! My favourite sid remixed so well!
I don't like the original, and I like this one a lot
Damn sweet!
Very nice, but not the red one for me ;-)
Without hesation
Wow. Honestly, the last minute or so of this song is fucking amazing; there is just no other way to put it. The tune leading up to it is not quite as stellar, but is still very well done.
This just brings out the ghoul in you!
This is great!
Very interesting mix. Hate the original, love this!
Nearly got a heartattack after 50 sec. ;) great work
Might not be perfectly mixed, but the rawness has a distinct quality to it that I feel hightens the tune. The beat is toe-tappingly-excellent! UPDATE: This is awesome, changing from Orange to Red face.;)
Uniquely captivating and extremely well arranged. Great beat! Perfect usage of synths and effects!
Holy crap, this IS good!
Update: Having listened to this a few more times, it's still pretty good. Although may need tweaking in places, it develops nicely and the NIN-style distortion works - to a point. Nonetheless keep up the good work!
Wow... Pretty nice remix. Just love this one.
I hafta admit, I am not a fan of the original SID, but this remix kicks ass!
So much raw energy compared to the original, it just blew me away! I love it!
Not perfectly mixed?? :) omg, this is truly AWESOME stuff that makes me cry. Litteraly! Production level is top notch, ideas and emotion at full blast. Congratulations!
Starts disjointed (like the sid) but hold onto your pants once it gets going cos it simply rocks!
Another solid binster submission
Creative intepretation of the excellent original that really shines during the latter sections. Execellent!
Very nice tools, timbres, etc. I just can't get hold of a good tune, and I don't like the two-bar stutter that fills the role of a tune. I do feel bad giving this one a poor vote.
Great tune.. Atmospheric and with nice twists and turns..
Really well done!!
This must be todays WTF!? Very Original version.
Great atmosphere, well done mixing. Just outstanding :-)
Absolutely fantastic one...
Totaly awesome! The beat make my hair stand right out!
Excellent!, a few tiny niggles which is bearly worth mentioning. There's real energy in this, congrats.
Artistry..... Pure Artistry - at 1. 55 it goes to a level that I can't explain... (That's a full stop at the end there - alright?!)
My favourite c64 tune and a superb imaginitive mix, thank you.
Excellent work. One of my all time favourite soundtracks and makes me anticipate Dirge for the Follin even more!
A breath of fresh air - somehow unusual and yet fascinatingly clean sound. Nice production, one of my faves ever.
This is overrated. Nothing more than "Good" from me.
It's pretty awesome how the somewhat confused beginning makes the payoff better then it would have been alone.
Cool mix with low´n high quality synth´n samples. Like this one, except the heavy e-bass.
Excellent work on this one.
Like it alot, towards the end it gets really good.
Plink Plonk-eti Plink Plonki (etc), can't be any better than this!
Simply great mix
Utterly brilliant!
Great work!! Great mix!!
Incredible tune, gives really strong impression. One of my all-time favorites.
This takes off like a rocket and takes you for a trip! I can repeat it for hours and not get bored of it...
Just superb! - This remix just grows on you - brilliant mix of aliased SID grunge and smooth HQ studio mix - I Love it!
Absolutely love it! I love the small details that you don't over-use, like the very short pitch bend I just heard :-)
Weird stuff. I'm pretty much into it.
Great work, excellent!!!
Excellent tune, almost a red!
Really good for me. Thumbs up!
Very good remix! Love Tim Follins soundtracks!
One of my all time favourites, insansenly soundweaved and well done remix. The epicly mind-boggling progression in the end-part still kills top ranked remixes of this tune. Even after 13 years ;)

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